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Well MP5 SD5

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So, despite multiple people telling me to stay the hell away from this thing, I bought it: the Well Mp5 SD5. Unfortunately, I accidentally all external pictures of it, I'll put some up later on when I put it back together. 



 Externally it's all quite glossy plastic other than the stock and grip, which have a nice matte finish. The mag release, trigger, and charging handle are all plastic. No RIS rails unfortunately. Pictures coming later when the gun is back together.  



"XYT" gears, plastic spring guide. The piston head and cylinder head have absolutely amazing compression, but it's let down by a crappy nozzle with no o-ring.


One interesting thing is that the spring is really short- it doesn't even fling the spring guide (which is plastic, by the way) out the gearbox or anything.-


Oh. ######. Well, it would've still been pretty short if it wasn't dead.


Here's the hop-up unit with an aluminum barrel installed:



Here's said unit next to the original brass barrel:


It seems quite wobbly, but does work. May need some shims or something to keep it more tightly in place.


Overall, I'd say that this gun is a good deal at £60.

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UPDATE: Okay, the hopup unit absolutely does not work for me. This isn't even close to the worst thing that you can get for £60, but you can get far better stuff if you spend more (of course). Whether or not the £60 saved is worth it to you is a personal decision.



-very cheap

-TM compatible v2 gearbox

-Metal charging handle (hkslaphkslaphkslaphkslap)

-sight adjustable for windage, 4 arpetures to choose from

-included suppressor is somewhat functional (although most noise comes from the gearbox)



-ineffective hopup

-no rails

-wobbly fire selector

-handguard is a bit wobbly

-pretty poor quality control

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I dont think you can include iron sights and a supressor (since its a sd) as a pro. I mean it would be a con if it didnt have , but its like saying pro; this sammich has bread either side.


Gearbox does look ok for the price though.

The suppressor is actually functional, which is the pro (although a lot of noise comes from the gearbox stock). Similarly, it's iron sights' adjustability. I know that there are quite a few guns that don't have adjustable sights, especially flip-ups, so it's just something to note.

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