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Problem with Coleman propane tanks

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Hi all


Hope someone can offer some insight on something that's been bugging me for a while now.


I use Coleman propane tanks with an airsoft innovations propane adaptor for my gbbrs and sidearm.




Anyway, the problem is that when the tanks get down to about 20% left (guesstimated through feel when shaking the can), no more propane will transfer into any mags. Well I say no more, about 4-5 shots worth (weak shots) enters the mag and that's it.


Anyone know why and is there a way to remedy this? It's not a huge deal but it's a bit of a pain in the *albartroth* when the can is getting low and you're trying to reload all your mags and wondering if anything is going in.


Cheers folks :)


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I have exactly the same symptoms.


I think that because the tanks are designed to be used with camping fires, and the burner doesn't use liquid propane, only the vapour, so the tank isn't designed to be able to empty all the liquid when inverted.


Probably the size of the *inside* of the valve.




I've no idea how to empty them fully, to use that last quarter of the tank, except by attaching two bottles together and putting ice on the lower, and warming the top (to evaporate liquid in the top, and condense it in the bottom)

Not sure if that's a good idea, and might end up with a propane grenade...

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I can get it down to 5%.


Just take a little longer to fill.  When its near 5% you will hear a gurgle noise because there is a lack of liquid gas.  Thats when you know its nearing the end.


Then you just use the propane tanks for other purposes; i.e. propane tanks and tracer rounds are pretty fun :)  Some of my friends use it on their BBQ apparently that vapour is still enough gas to power a few BBQs.  I use it on my blow torch.

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It sounds like there is a short tube extending in to the tank from the fill valve. For it's intended use this isn't an issue as you want gas not liquid going to your burner/blowtorch. However when used to fill magazines with the tank inverted you will get liquid delivered to the magazine as long as there is liquid above the level of the tube inside the tank. The moment the liquid level drops below the tube, which might be accompanied by "gurgling" (like when you suck the last of the juice out of a carton or glass with a straw), you will only be getting gas not liquid in to the mag. When you turn the tank the right way up again you will feel the remaining liquid propane sloshing about but, short of somehow snapping off the tube, there is no way you can get the remaining liquid out.

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