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GHK GBB AK Discussion Thread

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I've owned almost everything.


WE performs well in the summer for budget friendly people. You typically spend the same if not more on upgrades for the WE platforms.


WE mags are the big downfall IMO.. As stated horrible cool down reduction and winter time you'll be lucky to get through half a mag on GG.


Overally if you are budget restricted I'd suggest the WE.


Else I'd highly recommend you go GHK for AR and of AK. Their mags are godly and my GHK m4 performed flawless in 0-10 degree temps indoors.


Buy once, cry once, respectively.

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It's a special moment. When you take it out of the box, slowly undressing the plastic bag that it's wrapped in, finally running your fingers on the furniture. Feeling the oil coating your hands. And t

If you don't have a preference in terms of the platform (AK vs AR) and if you're willing to spend the extra cash, I'd argue that you'll definitely get the better gun with the GHK. I'm obviously biased

Blobface, the CO2 mag does also have an aluminium tube! When you pierce the cartridge, the CO2 enters that tube also. And with my mod you also fill that tube with liquid.   blankz5152, you can still

Nice! : )


By the way: In your "shopping basket" on the last page, you listed the recoil kit with the long gas piston. Make sure you get the kit with the short gas piston for the 74u. You probably knew that, but just to make sure... ; )


Nice spot, I would have got that wrong, that seems to be the only one on their website annoyingly. I'll have to hunt around and find somewhere that has the version for the 74u in stock unless you know a site off the top of your head?

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I don't know any local suppliers off the top of my head, but you could order it directly at Samoon (http://samoon.com.tw/conversion-kit/c-ak/akmsu-bw-kit). They usually charge around 20US$ shipping fee for small parcels to Europe, but you could make it worthwhile by also getting some other bits like O-rings, nozzles and any other spare parts you might want.

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Is there anyone who could shine some light over the different AK generations that GHK have released. I believe there was a first generation released ? a 2nd gen in 2014? and now a 3rd generation in 2016.

I am mainly interested in the AKM but I think the change was made all over the product line.


What is the main differences?

When where they released?

How do you distinguish them?

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You want 2012+ Those are all the "newest" everything else is minor changes, nothing you need to stress about..


The older ones had a green rubber by default, new ones were grey only. You can also tell by the mags if they were a GEN 1.


Basically any "retailer" selling GHKS should be selling 2015+, the popular ones would be the most recent (105, etc.) 


IF you're worried about minor things like this, you can order and e-mail samoon for full details.

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That's where the valve knocker goes

Thanks. Comes to show just how little I know about GHKs. The short stroked bolt, mediocre hop and the lack of a "click" on empty always made me choose WE's intead. This kit would solve one of those problems, and TNT APS-X hop the other. I think I can live without a click on empty, so I can seriously consider the platform instead of slicing my brain trying to make WE's horrendous model choices into something reenactment-able.


Anyway, why the change in the hammer then?

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I think because the bolt would get stuck on the hammer when it goes back to battery.

And probably pounded into oblivion with the stock pot metal hammer (sort of like how the original WE hammer allegedly crumbles into dust after a few hundred rounds). Can't wait for the kit to come out!!! (:
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Well, managed to fix the rod by bending it! 

I have another question though. Does anyone know if the tnt hop up chamber for the ghk ak takes aeg barrels? I've ordered an orga magnus wide bore for my rifle and I heard the stock chambers are prone to breaking. 

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2 hours ago, BioRage said:

TNT use their own proprietary inner. I'm sure you can hack job one to fit but would recommend.


Also not sure why you'd get a wide bore.


Maple leaf has a new chamber out aswell 

Thanks for confirming about TNT.   I've been trying to find more info about the Maple Leaf chamber, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there.  I'll stick with the stock chamber for now, at least until it breaks.  Might have to widen the hop window a bit so I can use larger hop up nubs as I heard the Maple Leaf nub won't fit.  

Got a wide bore because of the supposed extra range/accuracy which I wanted to check for myself, and also because I need the reduction in muzzle velocity.  My local airsofting group requires 1.3J or under for CQB, stock my AK shoots 1.5J.  I tried using HFC134a at the last game, which got me down to 0.9J, but the gun behaved a bit strangely, so I guess it doesn't like 134a, and I didn't want to go all the way down to 1J by switching to the 1J nozzle.  

I've installed the Orga barrel now and I'm very happy with it.  Dropped the power to just under 1.2J with green gas and paired with a maple leaf bucking it shoots almost as far as my upgraded VSR10 (the latter has a tightbore).   

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