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Remove the 100 post limit on sales threads

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Not fond of that, I like the 100 posts rule, a million times less likely to be a scammer or an asshat. Never had a bad deal on Arnies but had many on Zin even with their system.   A lot of people co

If someone doesn't want to hang around long enough just because they can't sell anything, I wonder just how valuable the content of their conversations are? Traffic slows down, sure, but wanting voice

Unknown newb buys rif on here, say an AEG.   Pays on time, receives RIF.   Guts said RIF and puts chinese bits back in.   Claims refund by PayPal   PayPal sides with buyer.   Seller is out

100 post limit seems entirely fair, especially considering half the appeal of arnies classifieds is that everyone you deal with is an establish contributor to the airsoft community. I'm nearly at the golden 100 posts and i'm quite looking forward to not have to be skeptical when looking through classifieds like i am with zeroin!


Perhaps if you've been a contributor for X amount of time fairly regularly but never hit the 100 post, individual assessment?

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I use this forum as it contains good info, news and pics. I am waiting for my posts to come up but not in much of a hurry. Out of the forums that I frequent, I like this one the best though its the one that I post on the least!

Don't change a thing as it is working fine it seems.

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Most people are concerned about buying from reliable people and I understand that. I have no idea why anyone should be barred from buying though - as long as money are paid...

Unknown newb buys rif on here, say an AEG.


Pays on time, receives RIF.


Guts said RIF and puts chinese bits back in.


Claims refund by PayPal


PayPal sides with buyer.


Seller is out money and parts.



Just an example there. This forum works. Sales are rarely bad. Just deal with the rules or play on zeroin...

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Is there a way to unsubscribe from seeing that section?


I would like to not see that section, I often click "VIEW NEW POST" and rather just have everything asides from sale section.


Thank you.

I'm pretty sure you can narrow the search field, although it's a little bit of a hasstle.

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Ha! I thought there was a classifieds section few years ago. Tried to search it a while ago and found this thread....

Seriously, it should be visible.


Thats a point. Maybe make it visible but un-able to see the contents of the sub forum or un-able to see the author of the thread.  


That way when people come on here they will see there is a classifieds sub forum, but will be un-able to use it until they hit 100 posts. 

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All depends. I signed up in May 2012 and got my 100th post a week or two ago. So in my case just shy of 3 years.


Some might say this is because I am not dedicated enough to the forum to post regularly. Personally I try to only post when I have something I hope will be a useful contribution rather than just posting to get my count up.



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Given the overall drop in traffic here, I'm still in favour of at least lowering the cap.


Personally, if I'm selling an item I take the responsibility for that transaction.  I check out anyone who messages me with enquiries to purchase and if they have zero feedback elsewhere or other history that denotes they're probably not a scumbag I say 'no thanks'.  To imply it's somehow the fault of the forum for your transaction going badly is ridiculous and nonsensical at best; it's the scammer's fault.  Simple as.

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Why not a combination of both?

Drop the post limit down to say 50, and require all photos to include a named and dated piece of paper as well. That seems like a happy middle ground to me.

I can't say I have bought or sold much in the way of secondhand from here or Zero In, but I think both systems work to a degree. Merging the two may work even better than they do separately.

While yes the system here is good, we can't deny the fact that there have been scammers on here and generally dodgy people. All you need to do is look at the "Problems with sales online" section of the forums to see the various issues that have occurred. 

I don't think it would hurt to review the system as it is currently, to see what kind of alternatives are available.

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I see your point but if you want to contribute something to the community 100 posts isnt that much.


As said ive never had a bad deal on Arnies but many on Zin...


on my phone, my spelling will suck


Personally as things stand I don't see post count as a measure of contribution at all.


There are member with more posts than me who've contributed *fruitcage* all in terms of quality content to this forum.  Then there are people who might've put epic amounts of time, effort and money in to creating fantastic RIFs and loadouts, taken brilliant pictures and posted them in the pictures section and gotten nothing extra on their post count for it.


IMHO, the system is quite broken right now.

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