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MK18 mod 1

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Hello members,

I'am new on this forum, and also quit new in the Airsoft world. 

The CBC is a unique initiative, and i would like to join it.

Since the only airsoft-aspect i 'am mastering is "Gunsmithing"


What i'm will (trying) to do, is building an MK18mod1, By making as many part's, as possible by myself

I make al the pieces,  and plan's by "old school" techniques, conventional, drawing, lathing, milling etc.


I'am started with the Daniel Defense RIS2

-first i spend many hours on google, searching after reference material/pic's, and then i made

the drawings, whit only the foto's as a reference !

-After the plan's where made, i began machining the RIS (lathing,milling,drilling etc)

-The upper en lower half are made out of alluminium, sand blasted en spray painted

  (i found anodizing to expensive)

-The bolt up system plate is made of steel, and finished the same way

I will post the progress-pic's in order of manufactering

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Hello,  thanks

Do you mean the Bolt Up System Plate ? and what did you do ? to make it into scrap ?


Yeah the bolt up plate.  I filed the part on the inside where the barrel nut keeps it secure.  Now when I screw the barrel nut on the bolt up plate slides over the top of it and off. :no:

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Well it has the hole for the gas tube unlike the madbull one does :P And depending on whether you luck out or not, its probably closer to 1933 spec than some of the madbull ones which are oversized.

That's true, but I'm pretty sure that AAC's intention was no to race with CNCed products ;). Which is really, really hard, if ever possible, using hand tools. Or "hand controlled" tools, to be more specific.

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That's some work alright, impressive.  :)


Are you planning to do the upper & lower receiver your self or you gona use something from the market?

 im gonna use a market receiver,since i don't have a cnc milling machine

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Is the build quality of yours better than the madbull one?

i don't know ? never seen in real ife, like i already said in the beginning of this topic, the plans are made with ONLY  google-pic's

About the quality, don't forget

Normaly the DD Ris is a computer designed,  and made part,  it's impossible to make it identical to a cnc part,

using conventional machinery, so it's  my personal challenge to make an cnc piece using old school techniques.

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What other parts will you make yourself?

please read the begin of this topic

but what's for sure;

-the outher barrel

-kac flash hider

-kac buis

-buffer tube

-qcb sling plate

-kac nt4 qd suppressor

-repairing a 553 holosight and use him

-making de internals for an an/peq-15

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