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WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

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ROF is a strange one in airsoft.


One factor is the blowback velocity, which is dependent on piston/cylinder volume, bolt weight, gas velocity as well as gas output.  


The other factor is the return spring tension.  And there can be two return springs.  One is the spring that returns the bolt carrier, the other one is the buffer spring which can aid in the return.


This is assuming the bolt carrier hit the buffer at the rear.


In real steel, you require a HEAVY spring to keep the bolt closed before the bullet exits the barrel, particularly if the SMG has a short body and by doing that you increase the return speed.  You COULD lengthen the body and so the BCG never hits the rear, and hence lowering the ROF.


In airsoft If you have two return springs, and the bolt carrier hits the rear, it may be better to LIGHTEN the bolt carrier return spring rather than to increase tension on that spring.  The lighter the BCG return spring, the faster the blowback action would be, so it would hit the buffer quicker and faster, and would be hitting the buffer return spring fast enough to store more energy for a more forceful return.   It would also be more gas efficient.


I always lighten the bolt carrier return spring, as it creates more efficient systems and better blowback.


But another thing to consider, shorter springs doesn't mean less power.  I have a very short spring I got out of my A&K MGs, consistently giving more power than the longer M120s.

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Just a heads up for anyone wanting to try this, I tried out my real steel slither stock on my WE to see if it fits, and it does not. The handgrip section on the WE is a fraction too wide and will not slot in. It does however fit on the vfc model with only a small modification needed to the buffer spring. It is a shame as I would have liked the slither stock for my WE, so if anyone has a spare one knocking about, or wants to swap for an a4 solid stock, hit me up.

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Took some pics of my WE "Apache" MP5A5 with VFC rail mount, Konus red dot sight and VFC handguard with light :)





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