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WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

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Goodness Bankz, who took a leak in your Cheerios? No need to be condescending and rude when people ask questions. The vast majority of other airsoft forums are dead or dying, in part due to snarky,

I want to show my WE MP5. I managed to fit a RS hand guard and rear stock + B&T rail mount.

Hope you guys don't mind, I wrote up a little something about my WE MP5A3 Apache when I got it this week. Wall of text and photos incoming:      Ever since WE announced that they were making a gasbl

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I dont own a WE but I can tell you how you do it on a Real or VFC Mp5.


If you have an SEF type lower, all you need to do is take the frame off the receiver, rotate the selector up past safe and then you should be able to slide the selector axle out. then the trigger pack just slides out of the frame.


If you have an ambidextrous selector, the you will first have to remove the right side of the selector before you can rotate and remove the selector axle. Im not sure how WE hold their selector on, but a VFC is held on with a spring detent that you have to push in. Which is a pain. There might be something like a grub screw holding it in though.

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I've got the selector out, but the trigger box isn't coming out as smoothly as I'd hoped. As in, it isn't moving.


Edit: apparently it just needed a bit more persuasion than I was originally using. Comes out with just a bit of force

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I just spent 3 hours on an WE MP5A2.  Has a few issues.


- Shoots off the sight picture, basically the outer barrel trunion is not centralised and shoots off to the left of the sight picture even after full adjustment. (this issue is the same as the VFC)


- In correcting this issue I found that the steel is soft and surface deforms under hammer blows from the impact (VFC steel doesn't do that and is darn good quality stuff compared to the WE)


- The rear sight is too high, so rounds hit high from the point of aim even at short ranges.


- ROF is slow its not funny.


Not bad, 380fps with 0.25g while my VFC shoots 350-360fps on 0.25g at 18*C (but thats with a VSR hop rubber).  Accuracy at short ranges is pretty good aside from sight picture issues.


Other observations:


- Paint is thin, particularly around the magazine

- The curve of the mag is distracting for MP5 mag pouches but when in use its fine

- Kick is snappy, though not actually that forceful.  Its faster than the VFC but ROF is lower? Really odd.

- Its Loud

- Wobbles a little, plastic is thinner in places than the VFC.

- Stock feels cheap

- VFC sliding stock will require modding to fit, but it will.

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Been holding out from getting a K myself until I figure out how to up the ROF. Doesn't make sense to me either. The bolt carrier is fairly light, no heavier than an AR one. Stroke is short and there's a spring buffer at the back. But despite warm temperatures it's still chugging along like a damn choo choo.

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I find with the WE the springs are a lot harder than the VFC.  Perhaps thats one factor.  When I do get the MP5K I will check over it.


But yeah I have had very little issue with my VFC, so dunno why everyone else has issues.  The only additional part I installed was the VSR rubber mod and the crusader magazine stabiliser.  Aside from hammering the cocking tube to get the gun to shoot onto its sight picture, its still on the stock blowback unit (modded with a steel pin in the BB stripper).  I did increased the hammer spring tension by adding a spacer for more consistent gas output and cut down the recoil spring by a few rungs to slow the ROF for gas efficiency (so no cooldown for a mag dump).   No leaky mags (I don't leave mags empty).   


Though I do agree the WE MP5 has a better design internally but their shortcomings is in the external construction.  The VFC is basically a RS to airsoft conversion, like the VFC M4.

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I managed to up the ROF in mine slightly by polishing parts of the bolt with wet and dry and adding two orings infront of the buffer.


My VFC was the worst thing I have ever bought in airsoft and that includes the TSI Tavor.


Constant cooldown, leaky mags, such poor feeding, internal componants showing 10,000 rounds worth of ware after 250 rounds, horrendous range & accuracy, wild fps fluctuations.


The problem I find with VFC is while they are second to none externally internally its made of brie. They take the RS and replicate it too closely causing performance issues. WE on the other hand take guidance from RS and make an airsoft platform that works.


Not to mention the hefty price tag on a VFC with only a chance it will work out the box. Never again will I buy anything to do with VFC again (not just the MP5 but other GBBRs and AEGs)


I dont at all mind the slightly thin paint in areas on the WE as for me it just adds to the worn look MP5s are almost known for. You are right it does feel slightly lacking in comparision, material wise, to the VFC but that is more than made up for in performance.


My biggest gripe with the WE at this point is the mags can be a little tight to get it but once in rock solid.


On my phone my spelling will suck

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Umm, my mp5k is with a machinist at the moment to do some modding for a handguard fitment, but simply modding it with the team GBB recoil spring... the rate of fire was higher by a fair bit IIRC... when I get it back I'll post a vid. 


The only issue I had with the mp5k was that the trajectory was all over the place, and while I heard it's a VSR spec hop, I bought some VSR rubber which caused it to pee BB at every hop level... so... still need more experimenting before I can game with it again. 

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My VFC was basically a paperweight out of the box, but with a few upgraded parts its now one of my more reliable guns. So while I wouldn't recommend one for a beginner, they can certainly be made to be reliable and accurate. Mine practically shoots laser beams for a gbb, though I did eventually change the hopup to an aftermarket one that takes AEG buckings, mostly because I didn't trust vfc's mystery metal.


I think the major issue I had was the loading nozzle and feed ramp. Once I changed those out for crusader ones, all of the jamming problems disappeared. Not gonna lie though, it was a real pain to get it to this point. I stuck with it cause I wanted a slim grip mp5a3 more then anything else at the time.


And now I've been on the fence about getting a WE. There's some things that bug me about it, and I'm not sure I want to get a different set of mags and everything now that my vfc is the overbuilt tank of my collection.

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Maybe try to say 'stupid' instead of 'retard/retarded'. A lot of people who have learning differculties have that word thrown at them and it brings back bad memories.


But yes, aeg stocks generally don't have fitment for a gbb.


Edit:- 'sticks'? STOCKS is a word z3 fool.

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I know it's not true for AR variants and pistol grips, but stocks isn't entirely out of the question. Many AK AEGs accept real steel (and thus GBBR) stocks (and furniture) so it's not "retarded" to ask if it's the same for MP5s.


And from what I've read on a wooden CYMA MP5 build post (unless OP was lying/being-lazy), real steel HK94/MP5 stocks fit on it perfectly. So theoretically if the APACHE is real steel spec then a CYMA stock would fit it.

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Well it is an idiotic question considering the following -


There is no mechanism inside an AK stock - Its just a block of wood/plastic you could fit literally anything you like


Where a real stock may fit an AEG with modification the same cannot be said for an AEG stock on a GBBR.


The WE MP5 stock has a recoil buffer and guide for the recoil system. An AEG one does not. 


Its as idiotic as asking if AEG magazines will work in a GBBR.


Funnily enough it is true for AR variants as the recoil spring is housed inside the buffer tube. So any stock thats has the correct diameter will fit, AEG, GBBR or RS.


Also literally 5 seconds on Google images gives you the answer. 








Note the enormous differences. 

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