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Board limit on image sizes

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It's become quite noticeable recently that the forum software seems to be limiting the size of linked images, just wondering (if it's not just me being retareded with my posting) if that's done deliberately to save bandwidth or something?  I get the impression the limit might've been coded in some time ago when people had much smaller monitors, it does rather inhibit the quality of the picture threads specifically being so limited on image sizes.  I've been on 1080p native resolutions for at least 4 years now as have many others I'd imagine (longer for some) and with 2k starting to creep in the issue will presumably be even further exacerbated.


I get limiting to an extent because let's be honest everyone's seen plenty of posts on boards without limits where somebody puts up a full 10 megapixel image (or indeed multiple) and the mods then have to tidy up, but I do think the limit here could do with expanding if possible.

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I've set the max image size you can add to the board as 2048x2048px. Thumbnails for huge images will appear as 200x200px. I've also increased the size for inset media. Give it a go let me know any feedback.


I have Tapatalk on my phone so I get reminders about people posting in specific areas almost instantly. :)

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