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A couple of years ago I bought a FNC with the idea on my mind of making a conversion to GBB. I had no access to the needed tools so I just made the desing, but the other day had to buy a boring bar for another project so I decided that was time to start.


I like the guns with realistic take down and internal pieces, so I search the only few info about this gun and made my design triying to be close to the RS.


The first problem is that STAR FNC have no outer barrel, the whole front it's supported by the fake gas tube, that is screwed to the receiver. Also this tube is not a tube, it's a rod, so I have to change it to let the gas piston go in. So the first step is to make the outer barrel, hop up chamber (VSR cut) and barrel extension.






Testing how the VSR bucking fits, just perfect:








Once screwed to the receiver, the barrel hold the weight with no problem (take into acount that the barrel, hop up chamber and barrel extension are not glued or welded, they are adjusted by so much pressure that it's imposible to take apart now):










Because of the original AEG gas tube have a cut where the fake heat shield screws, I have to cut the flat of the heat shield and glue it to the handguard. I thought the glue weren't go to be strong enough but I found the opposite. Now I can disassemble the handguard in two lateral pieces, like the RS one.








Thats all for now, I will keep updating. The next parts will be the trigger group, but whitout the 3rd burst I thinks.

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Wow, stellar work thus far - this project genuinely excites me!

It might be worth looking at the new WE GBB MP5 range, as they have functioning 3-round burst... I'm not too sure how well the function's operation will translate across platforms, but it's something to consider!

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Hi Foden, there are several reasons why I don't want to use the Mp5 trigger group:


-I want to make the trigger group the most reallistic possible. The FNC 3rd burst kit can be done and installed later. The problem is that I have not blueprints to redesign (because the pin holes position is different between the AEG and the RS so I have to modify the measures), only a couple of pics from google.

-I don't trust in WE material quality.

-The pin position of the FNC is much similar to the AR one, so before using Mp5 trigger group I would use an AR 3rd burst instead, or even the VFC G36 one.

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