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SOG Integrally Suppressed AK

Josiah Hull

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A friend of mine wanted a replica of the infamous Sons of Guns Integrally Suppressed AK thing they built.  I built a copy with artistic license for him on a shoe string budget as a proof of concept last year and he loved it.  He decided since the first one came out so well a second more accurate one should be built.


The long term plans for this is to make it a Polarstar so with that in mind I made some changes to my original design that will allow it to actually make use of the suppressor if he so chooses.


I do not have too many pictures of how it was made, but here are the few I did take along the way.


Here is how its done:

The first thing I decided to do was make a rock solid mounting system.  The easiest way is often the best way and I figured why not make a solid block that mounts where the original barrel mounts.  I took measurements and turned a 1.5" diameter block down to a very tight press fit into the original barrel mount.  I then turned the outer diameter down to be a snug fit in the suppressor tube.


My plan here was if there is no room for wobbling then it should be possible to get it extremely solid.  I did run into a small snag  in my plans when I cut the steel tube for clearance because of unexpected spring back in the tube.  In hindsight I should have realized this would happen but so goes life.  Nothing a bit of pressure and screws couldnt fix.

Final bit of work on this piece was to turn down the final half inch to fit inside the G3 front sight assembly, essentially taking place of the G3 barrel.  This is a tight fit and the sight is secured with a set screw.  Once mounted to the gun the stock gas tube was cut down to length, then filed down and if fit perfectly inside the second block on the G3 sight where the original gas tube would have been.  

Next step was to machine an end cap for the Suppressor tube.  Again I turned a 1.5" diameter chunk into the appropriate size piece.  The cap slip fits into the outer tube quite nicely, and is affixed with a set screw in the bottom.  The inner diameter is just large enough to allow the inner barrel to fit, giving it a great support.


With all that out of the way it was time to mount the rail.  I used a king arms(I think) 10" rail system.  This was nice because it had little tabs that allowed it to snap together.  However because of these tabs it would not snap into place around the tube.  I had to file down each tab until it allowed for a snug fit.  

With that complete I took the upper section of the rail and cut out a section to fit around the gas tube and front sight.  A fairly straight forward ordeal, just measure and cut, then file and clean up.  With this made up it was a matter of mounting, which was taken care of by a set of three 6mm bolts that go in from the rail and tie into corresponding holes in the suppressor tube.


From here was just a matter of cleaning things up and paint.  We decided that the original length was ungainly and ended up shortening the tube so now the overall length is about a half inch longer than a standard AK barrel.

To make it look more like the SOG version we still need the Galil bolt and a SAW Pistol grip, along with a rear sight mounted on the dust cover.  To be honest though the airsoft dust covers are not stable enough to really work well so that will probably be foregone.  The SOG version also used a 12" rail which is why the suppressor looks shorter on theirs.   For comparison here is the SOG version, followed by the airsoft version.



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Agreed, this is essentially an optics only weapon. It will be getting a propped ak side rail with an ris adapter so we probably will not add the rear sight. No idea why SOG didn't add the front sight where it is supposed to be. Probably because it doesn't look as cool...

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