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WTS King Arms Blaser R93 (the cheaper spring one)

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i dont feel like continuing with this project and need a bit of money, so im putting this one up cheap as it needs some TLC in the cylinder to get the FPS back up to snuff (currently shooting sub 300FPS).


i will be selling this with my custom gigantic ABS suppressor and barrel mounted RIS (actually more stable than mounting rails to the stock)

the barrel mounted ris is a kit made for shotguns. i put a spacer (2 big grub screws) underneath it to make the top rail level with the main receiver rail for extra scope accessories or (for my reason) installing iron sights.


the suppressor is not painted and i do not plan to. there is still white lettering down one side as seen in the picture below.


looking for $60


includes 3 extra mags (it was going to be my CoD style run and gun SWS gun)






oh, there is also a stubby foam filled suppressor i built into the whole thing. so it is a quiet rifle. its a 1XXmm stubby -14mm suppressor if you want to remove it and put it on something else. the whole suppressor assembly is friction fit to the outer barrel with electrical tape. sturdy, but removable.


scope is not included. its useless anyway. just looks cool.

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