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Hi all.


I saw these new G36 mag pouches on Soldier Systems a while back and I decided to give them a go.




Essentially they're very similar to the ITW Fast mags however designed to fit the very chubby G36 magazine. Because the magazine is so wide, fitting one in a double AR 5.56 pouch can be a challenge. Even more so when trying to pull it out while getting shot at.

Sometimes it can be difficult just locating pouches specifically designed for the G36. I don't know whether it's down to its popularity (lack of?) or I wasn't really looking hard enough. Resulting in me leaving the 36 at home and going out with something else.


When I found out about the Talon pouch and it's user friendly characteristics, it was definitely the way to go. I ordered them directly from the manufacturer in Germany and received them fairly quickly.




The Polymer used to make them is pretty much identical to the ITW Fastmags, so they're made very well. Unlike Fastmags they're constructed from one piece.




The Talon utilises the G36 spine that wraps around the magazine to snap into recesses cut into the holder. These recesses form an X shape so the mag an be fitted facing either way depending on where its mounted. Magazines fit very simply but inserting direct down into the holder and require arching the mag forward away from you and pulling up to release.




The pouch can accept the WE G39/36 gbb magazine with very little movement when secured into the holder, I only have these brand of mags to test but should do just fine with other brands.

On the Stratagem Talon video, it shows the "Operator" with the Talon's mounted upside down and doing various mag changes displaying the technique for drawing fresh mags.




However on my video review I've decided against this and mounted them right side up, no matter how well it can hold magazines, gravity is more reliable.


Enjoy :-)



After using them for a game or two, I did wonder whether it was possible to have two magazines clipped together and then fit into the Talon.




Unfortunately the external piece of the pouch prohibits them from slotting into place, however it probably could be cut away for it to work.


It's great that there's now more options for this weapon system.






Pretty good retention



Can be noisy extracting the magazines

Only 3 colours in production at the moment

Not very cheap (€36)and no mounting fixtures included.


Thanks for looking guys.

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