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Hi all,


I've been meaning to do this for a while and have finally got around to doing it!


Its basically a quick run down of every pattern I have with info on the patterns, my personal view on its effectiveness in the UK and then a rough cost


Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! - http://fireteamzulua...collection.html


Thanks Nick

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I liked it, but just a couple of points, Polish SOF use all 3 ATACS patterns (although the LE photos are only from training IIRC), and Ukraine at least trialed AU and seems to use FG load carrying with their new super-green pattern.

Also Zimbabwe seems to be making the rhodie pattern again, but slightly different. It's still hens teeth though.

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Thanks a lot


I know the polish have been dabbling in A-TACS but its not standard nor widely issued so I left it out otherwise the list would be very long and complex and I had to draw the line somewhere.

I believe the photos of A-TACS were during the unrest but like above, not standard or widely issued. I've seen pics of Ukraine soldiers with DDPM loadbearing recently but don't make it wide spread


Zimbabwe's new pattern is based on the Rhodie kit but the colour order is different with the brown over the green so not the same pattern. Its also probably rarer than the original

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the Ukrainian tests happened in 2012 I think, but the photos of the new uniforms being issued to their Marines show it being used with ATACS-FG loadbearing, whether that will carry on into a wider issue is possibly the point where you would describe Ukraine as issuing it I guess.

Likewise the poles have been using it for years, but as with any SOF, photos are unusual.  What I hear is that it's domestic production from imported fabrics, so there are items like ATACS-LE JPC clones being made.  But you're right in saying it's not super widespread, on the whole multicam is issued, but that's not to say that its only being dabbled with.

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Thanks for highlighting it, I actually read my source wrong and have just dropped that bit as trying to work it out got confusing an that section was for the official names or full names.


As mentioned its standard with MARSOC when with the ANA, but lots of countries use M81 or some version of it.

I just focused on the main user from the origin country as if we get onto all the different countries that sue it and what versions etc the DPM section would be several pages long. Hence why there's no users section


With regards to USN and USAF as with A-TACS I am going with the general standard issue, just simplifies things

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