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I'm posting this here mainly because I want other opinions of people that might have bought anything from ex-mod, but specially from their textiles website.


Back in January I purchased a set of MTP Goretex (jacket and pants), two pairs of goretex socks and a UK Army black bag.

The items arrived at the expected time but there were a couple of things that were wrong: One pair of socks was smaller than the other and the MTP jacket (size M) was stupidly small. An S-sized friend of mine tried it on and while the body was ok (it fitted me nicely and I'm an M guy) the sleeves were super short. If he stretched his arms the sleeves would retract back to half his arm!

I contacted them on Feb. 6th and asked for a solution, as it didn't seem normal.


After some days I got an e-mail stating that the jacket was like that and that it was normal, but they offered to take it back and send me another one that would fit me. Also I was to return the socks for a larger pair.

I packaged the stuff and sent it back, not before asking them to cover the return shipping, as the description of the jacket was dodgy at best, giving only chest measurements, according to which I made the order. They accepted without problems.


One month later I had had no news, so I sent another e-mail asking for them. It went unanswered for 10 more days, when I decided to use the website form to contact anyone there.

I got an answer that same day: My package hadn't arrived, but they were going to send the new stuff anyway.


On April 15th I sent a simple e-mail that said "It's been yet another month and still no news".


Today , April 23rd, I received a package from Fieldtextiles. I opened it and inside there were a pair of goretex socks (nice) and one "Jacket Combat MVP MTP" that I haven't opened yet, but that is not the Lightweight I initially ordered. I think I gave him the option to change the item if the size was not available.


I'm torn about this. On one side, after three months I've got almost what I wanted, and they sent it for free. I don't even know if they received by returned goods yet. On the other hand, the communication has been awful, and it's taken 80 days to solve a simple order within Europe.


All in all I'd be hesitant to order there again unless you are SUPER careful with the details and have talked with them before hand. Else, wait time could kill you.

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