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GBBR VLTOR M14 Modstock

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Hi guys, this is my project for this year competition, a VLTOR Modstock for the GBBR WE M14. When I bought a wood stock I started to think what to do with the original stock, finally I decided to make this project.


Although the CAD design was made some time ago, I couldn't start the building until a couple of months ago. Also, I didn't wanted to start a topic until I were pretty sure I could finish it, so now that I have finised the hardest part (the machining of the stock base) this is my project log.






And and assembly to see how does it fit with a stock, the pistol grip and the trigger base.




I bought a square bar of 2030 aluminium, enough to make two stock adapters is case I ruin the first one. The bar was 60x60x160mm and 1.7kg, I had to cut it in a half in a 45º angle. But there was a problem, I don't have a saw here, just some saw blades... so I had to grab the saw blade with my bare hands and start cutting. It took me forever, at least a couple of weeks until I finish the cut. If some day I could buy a bigger mill, I will buy a bandsaw right away.




I used a manual lathe-mill combo to face the part and get closer to the finish measurements.




For the next step I used my toy CNC milling machine to face and sqare the 6 faces, I get a pretty good finish look.






And star roughing:








Yesterday I made a video machining the big slot for the stock tube adapter.











From almost 800g to 230g, what a waste of aluminium!




This part have some mistakes, some ones by me, and alot of ones by my machine. I even had to change the whole stepper drivers to get rid of the lost steps. At least this mistakes are not too big or in structural areas, so I will use some epoxy putty to fix them and then file and sand the whole adapter to make it smooth.


Next step: cutting the original plastic stock in a half.

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After some months trying to fix some problems on my machine (it's a toy, so I can't ask it too much) finally I could finish the milling.


First saw the original stock and sqare to the same angle than the adapter:








Testing the QD sling swivel:




I cut an old AEG buffer tube and turned an adapter to mill it in T shape so it can slide:














And this is the result, now I have to paint the body with Army Green and the adapter and tube in black (and add a stock):










Also finished the main body of my CO2 mag, I need to machcine the tubes and valve to test it:



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PureSilver, I'm planning making them in the future as conversión kit for gas mag but I need to buy a bigger machine first. With my machine I had to ask some favor to machine some parts.


Roland, the M14 mag is weak. I didn't tried to fill with CO2 because I don't think it will hold so much pressure.

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The magazine looks awesome, as does the rest of your project!


Did you design the mag yourself or is it a modified version of one that you bought?


If you did it yourself I would be very much interested in the way you built it. If that is not a company secret ;)




edit: ah okay, somehow I did not see the picture in your last post regarding the magazine, sorry.


Now I am even more interested!!

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Its strangely really good looking. Half of me hates it, half of me wants to come to your house, steal it and feed it grapes while i brush its hair. :P


The CO2 mag is excellent. IF by any chance you fancied making a TM compatible Desert Eagle one you would be handsomely compenstated :D

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Thanks jammie!


The valve works like the pistol ones (because of the internal geometry, the GHK style valves won't work). Mi second one seals well (I broke the first one) but is too hard to push (twice as the original valve) so didn't work. I will do another one that will require the same force to open of the original one, but until I test it I won't know if it gives me enough flow to full cycle the gun.


To make a small production I first need to save 3 grands to buy a bigger machine, and that will take some time. To make this one I had to ask a friend to make me a couple of the holes that I can't make with my small machine.

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