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My next modernization project: PPSH/K50M

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Maybe due to excitement or my fickle nature, but i may have set my sights on my next modernization project. going from the flow of the bastardized thompson, im going to bastardize a PPSH next. i, for a short time, wanted to just build a K50M, but i found another person who so expertly completed that project already:




so, i started to think in my normal ways of how that would look with a AR15 stock, threaded muzzle and monolithic upper rail. and i made this doodle:




now, you can put those bricks back in your *albatross*.


its pretty slick and these are my plans:


•create receiver with rear sling mount and grip battery space

•attach folding AR stock adapter for AKs

•remove front sight and shorten heat shield a few inches and get outer barrel threaded

•remove rear sight and attach monolithic upper rail

•attach appropriate accessories (not that any really are appropriate)

•continue to shock and awe with gut wrenching displays of bastardized classic guns


i dont know when ill start this project and i still have to make good on my MR30 and compact pack rifle threads (though, this may work for the latter), but ill see it done some day.

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something like this?




EDIT: lol, i spent 15 minutes doing that and totally missed the "C" in 416C. the receiver is too wide for a slither stock like the 416Cs.

im skipping the slither stock in favor of a folding stock. im not liking the 416 stock personally.


now, i still have the EBR stock i butchered for the thompson, i can see what that looks like. it may be wide enough.


EBR Stock:


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I meant for the front as well. For the stock you could have channels running along the body for the bars, but if you don't like the look then that's that. EBR stock still looks cool though minus the cheek riser.

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ah, there is still an issue with that though, the heat shield is much too compact to stuff a suppressor into it. though, if i can find a suppressor that fits, ill do that.

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i mocked up a few more with integrated suppressors.



the 416c stock ended up looking a little punkish. i dont quite like it.


another with the EBR stock with the cheek piece removed:




i quite like it, but i like it better with the FH:




any other ideas?

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well, maybe. i hadn't really thought of that. but i may go back to the folding AR stock due to battery space issues.


this SMG has a micro switch trigger. i want to install a mosfet and mosfets dont agree (for a good percentage) with micro switches. extreme fire sells a module that fixes the issue, but its like installing 2 mosfets. so i need extra battery space to store 2 mosfet sized blocks and a battery. that all won't fit inside the grip, but i may be able to fit it all in a buffer tube or buffer tube/crane stock.


though, there will be a little bit of space in the back of the receiver. ill make final stock choices once i build the receiver and check space.

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