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What can be done with an ak 74

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Yeah I guess I could, however I'm lefty... :/ not very realistic. Even the rk 62 when I was in the military, shot hot gas, oil and powder residue to my face :D I don't want to imagine adding a charging handle to the mix (purely from a realism point of view)

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Some progress on designing the stock, I want to use wood for this part because I´m most familiar with that. The cheekrest will be removable to 

reveal the battery compartment (8.4 V mini). 




I´ve modified an AK model that I found in the 3d warehouse of sketchup. Can´t remember the original authors name but credit goes to him.

Any feedback so far?


BTW... Does anyone happen to have 1:1 scale 2d printouts of various gearboxes? An Idea I had, to maybe make a new thread for the builders,

with correct scale gearboxes to plan a build, might be a good resource :)


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So, some progress since last time, I bought some epoxy putty from the hardware store the other day, which will be used to model part of the fron sight,

filling in gaps mostly. I also found a streetsign made from plexiglass, figured it might come in handy... does anyone know how durable it is? it´s about 4 mm thick, my concern is 

if it will chip when hit by a bb? haven´t had the chance to test it yet. I´ll try and start with the frontsight/gastube this weekend.


BTW... If you guys want to support me in a contest here is your chance.

I entered in an airsoft picture contest, for one of our local shops here in Finland, for making a facebook wallphoto for their facebook page.


Here is the link if you want to give me a "like", I´d very much appriciate it.




edit* Oh yeah, I can win a WE Glock 27 :)

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Okay, time for a short update on the project.


   So the reason for the break is, I´ve moved, so setting up in the new appartment took some time.

I won the contest that I wrote about so I now have a tiny G 27 :).


Here are some pictures of the AK build as it stands.


modifying the front sight to make a muzzle-ish thing :)




Fixing the beat up gastube (random plastic pipe (this build is on an extremely low budget)).








Made the gastube and "upper trunion"? Jig for getting it aligned with the gasblock, still I didn´t get it as straight as I wanted.






The front end, I think I´m going to go with the VSR frontsight that I found in my drawer. Really like the look.



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