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-One day build- Realsteel Ak top cover locking button mod to GHK AKM


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So the only anoying part on my ghk is the top cover locking button, my one is made in 2013, and bought directly from samoon, and still had alloy button and trigger  :-\

Anyway, I was bored and I have more than a dozen realsteel buttons, so i started to modify one.

I was too lazy to make photos of the progress, so you can see only the final result.


The process wasn't easy, because it's made of an adamantium mithril alloy with magical dwars technology... Probably...

Anyway, its hard stuff and took almost an hour to drill through.

Afrer drilling and cuting the place of the spring rod I polished it and browned, actualy its beutifull now, not wombling at all and locks the top cover teally tight :)

I'm happy now :)




on the first pics i didnt locked it tightly... Here is fine:



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