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Is it a tracer? Is it a chrono? Is it a shot counter that also measures your rate of fire? Is it a computer controlled MOSFET that can be programmed by a PEQ looking box? Is it likely to increase your chances with the ladies?


YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! (except the last bit, sadly).


The Xcortech X3300W is an all in one bundle of all those airsoft bits you probably don't need.




The X3300W is made up of 3 parts. The barrel extension, PEQ style control box and a plug and play MOSFET.


First Impressions:


When opening the box, you're greeted by your wallet lightening new toy. You'll find the components wrapped in bubble wrap and other protective wrappings. There is an instruction manual so if you can't figure out what you're doing, you can always read that. Sadly, I can't seem to find my manual so there's bits I will come back to at a later date.


Barrel Extension:


I'm not calling it a suppressor as it doesn't suppress. :P The barrel extension body is made of metal with a plastic cap on both ends. The front cap turns in place but doesn't unscrew. The rear cap has the power button and is what you unscrew to get to the batteries. The power button lights green when first turned on and will occasionally blink to let you know that it's still turned on. The tracer unit flashes when the unit is turned off, presumably discharge the flash. The threads for mounting onto a 14mm clockwise thread are metal. Overall, the barrel extension is well made and solid. The unit requires 4x AAA batteries to run.












Control unit:


The control unit is very PEQ'ish in appearance, but that's about as far as it goes. On top you have a knob (stop snickering in the back you lot!), which lets you choose what mode the unit displays. The settings, in order, are Settings (ST), Off (O), Shot counter (UP),Ammo counter (DN), Chrono (SPD) and Rate of Fire (ROF). On the front you have another knob (stop it!) which you can use to adjust settings and the brightness of the display. The whole unit is plastic, bar the screws. It doesn't feel fragile and looks well made, but be aware that it is plastic and may not take kindly to abuse. The unit takes 2x AA batteries to run. The unit simply clamps onto a RIS rail. The unit wobbles a touch on my GHK G5, but that's nothing a small bit of leccy tape won't sort out.












The settings function gives you the following:


FLA - Turn tracer on/off

CNT - Adjust ammo counter limit

UARN - Allows you to set when the ammo counter starts flashing to show you're low on ammo. This can be adjusted between no flashing and 100 rounds left.

AEG.B -  Can't tell.

UNIT - Again, no idea until I can get another manual

APo - As above

Eco - Eco mode, dims the display when nothings happening

tts - Shows the total amount of rounds fired through unit. This can be reset back to zero.

ScU - MOSFET settings

rst - Reset to factory settings


Again, I apologise for the lack of info on the features. :(


The shot counter does what it says on the tin, shoot a round and it will increase the number on the screen by one. The ammo counter is programmable to allow you to set the number of rounds in a magazine so you know exactly how many shots you have before you reload. These settings can be reset by pushing and holding the adjustment knob on the front for a couple of seconds. The chrono setting obviously allows you to chrono the gun, fire a shot and your FPS will be shown on the display. I compared the chrono to both a Chrony F1 and an Element chrono and the readings were spot on between all three. Rate of fire will calculate your ROF after you fire a burst through the barrel extension. The results are displayed on screen in rounds per minute.


Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the MOSFET as I currently don't have any guns using tamiya connectors, but once I change the connectors to deans, I will review the MOSFET and it's settings.




Overall I'm happy with the unit. It brings a lot of features into quite a small package. It's well put together and thought out and gives you something different to utilize during your game day. The ammo counter is great for those running low/mid caps or gas guns. The adjustable plug and play MOSFET gives AEG owners a lot of versatility and can easily be adjusted.


I bought this from RDX Tactical who are getting more in stock. It set me back £145, which is a fair price considering the features you get.


If you guys have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them. In the mean time, I'm going to find the *fruitcage* manual or read up the features online.


Edited to add info.

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