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LK236 Tactical Jackets in stock now

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The LK236 ripstop jacket is a poly/cotton jacket with loads of storage space, designed with comms wiring buttonholes and easy access to holster or equipment on waist band. The jacket comes in plain olive and plain tan, to fit in easily with civilian clothing. It is wind resistant with a high collar that can be toggled tight on the neck to prevent draughts from entering. Ideal for when it is warm enough to wear a single layer, but cool enough to require a layer over naked skin. The jacket has elbow reinforcement patches, making it a better choice when laying prone or using elbows. Zippers on pockets keep contents secure during a wide range of movement. Sizes M, L, and XL, price 64.95 GBP per jacket.


Top tip:  Looks a little like an M65 smock, not too military.  Great for simulations in FIBUA and CQB.  Also great for range work, practical shooting.  For places where looking too military may get the police called on you, this is a great alternative to camo gear.


Build quality:  Top notch LK gear, no dropped seams or zips here.  Zippers are all branded YKK.


Price:  You get what you pay for.  This is a jacket that will stay with you for a fair few seasons, and beyond.





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