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LK211 Operator Shirts in ATACS FG and Flecktarn

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Designed as an alternative to the operator smock, the shirt features large bulgy pockets on the chest, slotted button front, large arm pockets, elbow reinforcement and velcro shut cuffs with anti-dust and anti-insect expansion dart. The huge advantage of the shirt is the long underarm gusset made of mesh material that is discreet and self regulating. No central zipper that could impede the flow of air is included. The shirt does not have waist pockets, so it can be tucked into the trousers if necessary. Made in original DCS ATACS FG NYCO and original military Flecktarn shirt twill fabric stock. ATACS FG shirt price 72.50 GBP, Flecktarn shirt price 64.95 GBP


Top tip:  It's getting to summer, with big games, milsims and other events coming up.  If you're not planning on wearing that 4kg armour vest in favour of moving lighly and quickly (well, maybe with a 20l rucksack of goodies and ammo for hardcore milsimers) this shirt is a great buy for well ventilated fit and utility storage. 


Build quality:  Top notch LK. No dropped seams, all features carefully thought out and designed by actual guys in the field


Price:  Again, not in the bargain basement, but you are getting genuine materials, military spec construction and a garment that will last you









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