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Vertx VTX8000 Tactical Trousers


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The Vertx 8000 trousers are a great, athletic tactical trouser with ergonomic features to aid movement and stretch. The 8000 trousers are made in ripstop, moisture wicking polycotton, and feature Vertx's signature cut, including: elastic sections on waist, long crotch gusset, expanding knee panel, extra wide belt loops to accommodate a 40mm belt, security zip pocket and silent, self-closing leg pockets. Neat and professional appearance is maintained with a straight leg cut and the incorporation of discreet leg pocket pleats that do not sag. Available in Olive or Black, sizes from 32 waist to 40 waist. Price 44.85 GBP per pair of trousers.


Top tip:  The gusset is a great feature.  Vertx's one is longer than Helikon's.  It helps with giving a little extra space for the upper thigh, and also reduces the amount of strain on this area during movement.  We're really impressed by how they've worked to cut down the fuss, and how much movement you get in a trouser that doesn't look all that military


Build quality:  Very good.  But we don't really know why they went with the metal zipper.  Surely, that's the one that catches if you zip it up in a hurry, if you know what I mean.  Also, the jeans style rivetted button waist is nice and tough, but also adds profile in an area which is most likely to catch a belt or buckle.


Price:  At 44.85, not the cheapest tactical trousers out there, but possibly one of the more inventive.  Not another rehash of 5.11 tactical pants.


To watch out for:  the waist size is the maximum waist size, with the elastics fully stretched.  If you're about 33inches on the waist, go for a 34.    If you're just a bit over 34, go for a 36.  Seriously, the elastic will take care of the slack.






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