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'DIY' HK417 mag pouch

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I wasn't sure which section to post it under, but since pouches are generally gear i though it should be ok here?


Alright so in short I got my 417 with 7 mids and 6 open top mag pouches, however the mag pouches are for the more common m14/sr25/scar-h mag type. Now a 417 mag WILL fit however it is near impossible to pull it out with one hand and/or in a hurry (e.g. when you reload) let alone getting it in the first place. 

So in my desire to not buy silly overpriced 417 pouches i present my simple 'guide' (although pretty self explanatory from the pics i hope!) to modify a Warrior Assault Systems (WAS) 7.62 x 51mm Open Short Mag Pouch to accept 417 mags easily !
You will need:
really sharp scissors or a knife,
a lighter; to burn threads,
at least one mag pouch!
additional bungee cord.
Remove the bungee cord from the pouch
Cut the sides of the pouch off ALONG the seams, and burn the loose threads
Re-lace the bungee cord
Tie off the ends of the cord, now the mag is easily inserted and removed. You can adjust tension to suit.
Next step is to re-lace a retention strap (you will need additional cord at this stage, i had 6 pouches, so i was using 2 cords per pouch)
Having finished this i realized that  could use a single length of cord (approx  1 meter) to the same affect, so ordered some off ebay (99p a meter).
The finished article :
I'm sure there's improvements that could be made, but it does the job and looks the part :D

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pretty much :)

it was from looking at taco mags that i thought 'why not?' and gave it a shot. beats paying silly money for new pouches ;)


Yeah, those single-mag 417 pouches from BFG are stupidly expensive. The triple M4 pouch is quite sensible though, if you know where to look ;)

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That would be nice. And yeah 417 mags.

I will try and upload a pic of the way I Carry mine, at the moment they're just in a issued osprey pouch designed for 2 stanag mags.


But I plan on buying a mini mav chest rig and 2 bfg double pouches, then getting my belt set up started with the pistol mags and pistol.


Played with it today and managed to get through all three within half the game, left me down to two pistols by halfway through every game

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Excuse the lack of tacticool gear, i usually wear fecktarn camo when in the field  :D





Back - I wear two dump pouches, large one for mags(black), and smaller for carrying extras like BBs or pyro depending on the game(coyote)



Side - the M4 pouch is actually my pistol holster (4.3 hi capa), i rarely use it or carry an extra mag but if i do it would go in the small dump pouch



The belt and leg panels were bought from taiwangun.com (Poland). 

Hope this helps!

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Thanks it helps quite a lot, as my PC will be configured to run my m4 so I will be down to a belt setup until I can afford a new rig specifically for recon/the 417


How do you find the battle belts sit when weighted down, does it sag or pull at your combats, or is it fine without the yolk

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Glad to be of use! 

The belt i use is padded but isn't attached to my combats, it sits above the waistline resting on my hips. I wanted a QD set up, but also have planned to buy more leg panels and give them different pouches/holsters for hot-swapping, for a modular load out  :) 
With all my mags on it does have some weight, but the key is adjusting the leg panel straps properly.

I could switch down to only 1 leg panel if i bought hi-caps, but i'm determined to keep this gun only on mids.


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