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Shark Gear-Pantac color compatibility

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The MBAV is basically an EPC (Eagle Plate Carrier) with soft-armor sewn into it. Both the real MBAV and real EPC are made by Eagle Industries.
Flyye makes a replica of the EPC which they call the "MOLLE Style PC Plate Carrier." 
Pantac/Phantom made (still makes?) a replica of the MBAV, but I'm not sure how it really differs from the Flyye version aside from being advertised as an MBAV replica.
The EPC/MBAV was a pretty popular carrier with various U.S. Army special operations types a few years ago. It's still in use by the 75th Ranger Regiment who currently wear a khaki MBAV, and previously wore them in Ranger Green.


I like the EPC because it's a fairly small plate carrier that can be scaled up or down depending on the situation. I'm only 5'6" (1.67 meters), and a small/medium EPC fits me pretty well.


The S/M EPC is 6 MOLLE rows tall, which is the same as most mainstream carriers including the 6094.


Personally, I think the 6094 (or clones) is probably the best carrier design currently available once you discount super expensive stuff like the CPC and AVS. It's got a nice high cut that leaves a lot of shoulder space available, has velcro loops for comms/hydro routing and a kangaroo pouch for holding extra magazines.
Here's me in my Phantom EPC (size small):
And me in my Flyye EPC (S/M):
Close up of the Flyye EPC:


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Thanks for the info! Do the shoulder straps secure on the front side of the vest just by the Velcro that is visible, or is it more secure than that?

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The shoulder straps are part of the rear plate bag. They can then be loosed or tightened by adjustment straps/webbing. The rear side of the adjustment strap/webbing is sewn to the front plate bag and then runs up through a buckle and then the flappy end secures with velcro to the front of the plate carrier.
So, yeah, the tail end of the webbing that adjust how tight the shoulder straps are attaches to the front of the PC with velcro.
Does that make sense? 
Here's a bit better shot.


edit: I should also note that this EPC is a bit different than the Flyye or Pantac models. The replica models have a storage pouch in the front that is different than the storage pouch shown on the pictured PC above.

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does it have an elastic inner cummerband inside the vest?

No, I've only ever seen elastinc inner cummerbund on the CIRAS, but thb I've never seen that big of a benfit of it. 

Also - another vote for the 6094.

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it seems that the 6094 has quite a bit of a following!

The inner elastic cummerband has proven invaluable to me with my current setup since it keeps th vest in place while on the run! 

But let me be  a little bit more descriptive.

You can find attached my current loadout. The vest is the Pantac Body armor which i chose a few years back for its wide shoulder straps as well as the inner elastic cummerband which can be seen on the 2nd pic. The thing is that the molle real estate is not satisfactory for me. comfort wise i am very pleased with this vest but since i will be carrying 7.62 mags in the future (vfc 417) as well as g36 ones,  the molle availability is currently minimal.  So after the failed test of the MTV which i had the impression that it would solve all my problems, i definitely have to find a replacement. i am concerned that the 6094 or the EPC  will be too "short" and with the absence of the inner elastic cummerband, it will move around a lot which i find very annorying during a skirmish as well as extremely tiring. 

I would definitely like to try on one of these but my teammates tend to go the chest rig path or the cheap chinese unidentifiable cloned vests that are no use at all.



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Any well adjusted PC with a cummerbund shouldn't move at all.


Again, I'm positive that a MBAV fits your bill.

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So i narrowed it down to the following 3 vests.

For the record i will go with Pantac since i already have a lot of OD Pantac pouches so as to retain the color compatibility.


The Pantac RBV:  http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?tabpage=1&search=searchItem&rs=PH-CG-VTC959-ODM&item=PH-CG-VTC959-ODM&search_From=searchItem&view=info

A very hard to find vest it was supossed to replace the CIRAS vests. Expensice compared to the other 2 vests but it feature the inner elastic cummerband and seems more compact and lighter frome the traditional Ciras verst. An additional cool feature is the side pockets that could help me out a lot on the 7.62 loadout. 


The Pantac 6094:  http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=category&item=PH-CG-VTC094-ODM&search=category&rs=Chest%20Rigs%20and%20Vests&catid=4cat=53&cat=&view_choice=a


seems to be the most voted for PC, it has its cool features, seems to be light enough and the hidden pouch can be useful if i find a way to accomodate the 417 mags there. It is also alsmost 100$ cheaper than the RBV.The shoulder straps look comfortable enough. I do not find it very aesthetically pleasing but use before looks is my motto.


The Pantac Strike plate carrier: http://www.rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=2&manufacturerId=10&prodId=11736&cateId=215

The Pantac MBAV looks to be the lighter of all. Good molle real estate but lacks the shoulder straps of the other 2 vests, and seems to be an interesting choice. the lack of the inner elastic ummerband and the "flimsy" looking shoulder straps make me think twice about it.


I seem to be leaning to the RBV and cost aside it has almost what i seek from a vest. But it is almost 1 kg heavier than the others.


Any advice?

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