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With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.

Awww yeah.  Super Shorty version incoming  

FPR steel bolt, looks much more realistic than the original, cycles the same as before.   

Posted Images

Dominator is (way) better because it has more realistic dissassembly, and for the whooping low price of $399 usd, it's FULL STEEL


CRW is charging around $190 usd to mod the gun to take APS shell, which is pretty steep, but according to some people I know in HK IPSC / 3gun scene, making the gun work with APS requires a fair amount of work and isn't just the case of removing an inner barrel, so what they're asking isn't extortionate (so they explained to me). I'm considering this quite seriously ever since seeing it this morning. 

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So it has a screw in magazine tube and no bolt block plate?

I would like that I guess. But it's a design feature to prevent/deter use of real ammunition (didn't work out too well I guess but...)


Steel is nice yeah, but heavy as fuuu. I don't mind the APS aluminum though some parts are a bit weak I will admin.


Also those two points alone don't really qualify as "way better" to me.


There's something about the way the Dominator looks that makes me feel it looks a bit derpy, can't put my finger on it though :P


Hmmm... Yeah. Not really into it. I will stick with APS :P



Also what are the customization options like for the Dominator platform?

RS compatibility?

I can build 3 different shotguns from a base CAM870 with a few add on parts (barrels, stock, grips etc.), which I really like. And RS parts to build those fit without much mods.


Considering what happened with APS CAM870 platform I would guess it's only a matter of time before the law steps in and puts a stop to this? :o

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Finally :D


Unboxing of my APS sponsored CAM870 parts :)




Check out APS at: 


Website: www.aps-concept.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AirsoftAPS
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aps.airsoft
YouTube: www.youtube.com/rampaintbkid
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Well... Just got done with my latest rebuild of my APS CAM870 shotgun :D



APS CAM870 16" threaded barrel

APS CAM870 2" breach muzzle brake

APS CAM870 red fiber optic front sight

APS CAM870 SAI magazine tube nut

APS CAM870 +1 magazine tube extension

RS Mesa Tactical M4 stock adapter

DPMS 6 position Mil-spec buffer tube

DPMS buffer tube castle nut


RS MAGPUL MOE AR/M4 FDE pistol grip


RS MAGPUL M870 magazine tube clamp

ACM replica Trijicon MRO sight






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Can anyone tell me the overall length of an APS CAM870 11" magazine tube extension spring uncompressed?


Either that, or how much it sticks out of the end of the magazine tube if the extension is removed.


Or, how much it sticks out of the end of the magazine tube extension with the magazine tube extension removed.


I am trying to work out how much extra spring is on each configuration, 4+1, 7+1 and 9+1 so that I can figure out the average extra amount of spring to figure out how to custom cut the spring for my +1 (5+1) magazine tube extension.


EDIT: Someone answered on Facebook. 11" spring is 29,5" (75 cm).

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That is an excellent question that I asked myself after installation as well, because I really wanted the magazine tube flush with the muzzle brake (at the front that is). Of course there is no out of the box tube that would give me that but I still thought about it.


I just checked with a straight and flat piece of metal and it looks like it would work but about 0.25 - 0.5mm clearance between the two :o

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Not sure I would call it serious custom work. I think you could get a 7.5" mag extension and have someone cut it down to length on a lathe and add threads.


I think mine turned out fine and I might even prefer it like this rather than extending to the end of the muzzle brake.

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The APS CAM870 spring equation appears to be fairly linear.

I have 3 known lengths of spring and which capacity they are for (shells in magazine tube). Then I just divided each spring length by the number of shells it would support.


Capcity / Spring Lenght / Spring length per shell

4+1 = 40.5cm / 4 = 10.1cm
7+1 = 56.5cm / 7 = 8.0cm
9+1 = 75.0cm / 9 = 8.3cm
So for my 5+1 rifle I split the difference and went with a length of 9cm per shell cut it down a spare 7.5"/7+1 spring I had laying around down to 45cm.
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F me! I am pretty sure my APS CAM870 has spent more time in parts on my work bench than actually assembled.


Went over every part of the rifle over the past two days and found multiple culprits for my sticky action.


Pretty much just started out with an empty receiver and put in one component at a time and observed what happened and when the action got sticky or not.


The rear edge of the extractor was sticking out of the bolt hitting the ejection port side wall when pumping the action to the rear. Modified the profile of the extractor to the rear and also filed out a little bevel on the inside of the ejection port for it to ride in.

The outer barrel was sitting low in the chamber so the bolt was hitting that when moving the action forward. Filed down the part which was sticking down and also put in a space between the bottom edge profile of the outer barrel and the top ledge of the magazine cradle arms. Super tight fit now! :D

The MAGPUL for end had some support nubs/tabs that were supposed to keep it snug against the profile of the outer barrel. Looks like APS outer barrel is off spec. on the outer profile as those nubs/tabs rubbed up against the barrel making it stick. Sanded those down to fit.

My the carrier dog on the shell lifter/carrier was rubbing against a sharp edge on the trigger housing. Rounded it off and lubed it up for a smoother action.

Replaced the carrier / shell lifter spring to the soft one. Very nice :D

Also the TiN coated steel magazine cradle arms, for whatever reason, was a looser fit than a set of stock black aluminum magazine cradle arms. So I went with those instead.


Also did a trigger job which turned out really nicely.

Got like 1mm of clearance between hammer and sear now when the trigger is pulled.

I cut down the profile of the hooks on both the hammer and sear and removed some excess material on the front/top edge curve of the sear (the part the hammer sort of passes under when the sear is lifted out of place). Got some really nice and sharp hooks on both parts and the trigger release is now super crisp!

Also had to round off the profile on the sear where the trigger disconnecter rests when the action lock is up. Well, the ledge that it sort of slips over and down on when the action lock is engaged. Hard to explain.

Matched the curve on the trigger disconnector bar to match the curves of the rear side of the sear.

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The end is near... :o


I am contemplating buying a couple of APS CAM870 SF (Zombie Hunter) shotguns and use for spares in the future. That is the cheapest model that has the components that match what I need.

I look at their site and realized that buying the parts separately adds up quickly and some parts are not available as spares at all.

But, I also noticed they did not have the GEN1 CAM870 shotugns for sale.


So I emailed them and asked if they sold GEN1 CAM870s still. Since the last time I asked about GEN1 system they said they would still sell them where they were legal and also support customers with spare parts etc.




Sorry, we no longer sell the GEN I shotgun

You can purchase the MKII Shotgun, also purchase the GEN I bolt and replace it by yourself.

Derek Leung
Sales Representative




The problem I am having is that I have tinkered so much with my original CAM870 that it's time for some major service. Like, receiver, bolt, for end tube/arms, trigger group etc. Even my trigger group pins are worn out from all the disassembly and reassembly :P


So rather than getting the spare parts, I will go ahead and order a new CAM870 MKII and GEN1 bolt I guess :o


EDIT: Mweh. Earlier the SF MKII was listed as in stock with APS site, now it is listed as out of stock...

Well I guess the AOW for $275 works as well. Just the magazine tube that isn't compatible with my current setups. And it's in stock.


EDIT2: Nope, that's out of stock as well :( 

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FYI cheapest source for APS CAM870 stainless steel shell caps, straight from the source.




Probably going to switch mine out as the APS soft aluminum ones get eaten up real quick.


APS OEM alu. 4x caps = $13.50 USD = $3.5 USD per cap


CP steel 8x caps = $46 USD = $6 USD per cap but also includes the Guarder o-rings (x16) valued at $8 USD for a pack of 10 ($0.8 USD per o-ring x 16 = $12.8 USD value out of $46 USD = $33.2 USD for 8x caps = $4.15 USD per cap if you disregard the price for the Guarder o-rings.)


Firing pin and shell cup are steel, shell latch arms are steel, extractor and ejector are steel so they should not impact other components significantly.

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Yo, blobface, looks like APS stole your idea (maybe, maybe not?) on the shell caps and are making their own version :P







Here we go!!! APS upcoming new product~

It makes your APS shell Looks Good & More Easy to refill the shell 1f4aa_1f3fb.png
#OutLookIsImportant #LoadFastIsImportant #UpComing #NewProduct#ShotShell #EndCap


I think these are for actual usage instead of the cardboard caps. I asked on Facebook in the comments if that is the case and if they would be re-usable after firing. 


I wonder what quantity they will be sold in and price.


Stamped and perforated cardboard circles is pretty cheap I would imagine, but moving up to injection molded plastic caps... I suppose if the quantity is high enough it could be reasonable. And they are thin and not very complex shape and no real requirement for durability.


Definitely interested. If nothing else I will get them for display :D

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This might be the dumbest thing I've ever made... I can easily 3D print them at home and do them in batches over night / while I'm away, by combining them into a bunch, it's still too expensive from Shapeways. 






Low quality quick print test, looks pretty good, wish I had transparent filament still!



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