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With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.

Awww yeah.  Super Shorty version incoming  

FPR steel bolt, looks much more realistic than the original, cycles the same as before.   

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I just remembered how tedious it actually is to fit those dang cardboard caps to the shells when you got BBs in there. Trying to get the thing in evenly, damn near impossible :P


Let's hope they are cheap-o.


Wonder how much friction those tabs put on the cap though. Don't want it making the BBs come out all sluggish :o

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So, I got my CP Custom steel shell rims today.


I figure since I like cycling shells in my APS CAM870 I will have 6 brand new aluminum rimmed (uhhh? :P ) Smart Shells and 6 brand new CP Custom rimmed smart shells and alternate them in the cycling and see how the wear compares.


I shall report back with some pictures in a week or so :)


There is no main black o-ring included with the CP Custom caps (the one at the outside/top of the threads) so you have to transfer that over.


Speaking of, but kind of not. Friggen APS aluminum is like cheese. I have a pair of pliers that make like 95% positive contact in the two disassembly holes on the Smart Shell caps yet still they get damaged after ONE disassembly :(

And, I am pretty sure the position of those two holes are in line with the shell latch arms so they might make those snag in the holes and the damage that is caused when disassembling the shells using the holes.


I will stick with my custom service cut on my shells.


EDIT: Huhm... So there are only 2 packs of 4 caps (total 8) in this delivery yet I have ordered and paid for 2 packs of 8 caps (total 16)... Not sure if there has been a mistake with delivery or they are out of stock and sent partial delivery. Have emailed CP Custom about it :| 




OKi. Shells prepped. 6 of each to go in my 5+1 configured CAM870.


Blue shells are APS CAM870 Smart Shell original caps.

Green shells are CP Custom stainless steel caps (with my service/disassembly cut added).


Let the games begin! :D



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FYI I emailed APS about the plastic caps and they are scheduled for release in mid September :D


BTW CP Custom replied to my email about my order and turns out they made a mistake and will ship out the rest of the order ASAP. I would expect nothing less :P 

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I had someone mention that on my YouTube in the comments and they had contacted APS and apparently it is normal as to not over-pressurize the Smart Shells. He went on to mention something about early batches "exploding" and this is now by design.


As long as they don't leak after filling you should be good. I actually haven't filled any of mine yet :P


Speaking of comments. Another guy commented that he had bought a brand new MKII CAM870 and within a few dozen shots the firing pin snapped off.

He contacted APS about it and they sent out a complete bolt replacement free of charge :)

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I got the chance to test. Regular CO2 adapters seem to work much better than the APS one, since they can actually seal on the fill valve O-ring, whereas the APS one has a step that prevents it from sealing if the O-ring is low/thin enough. I wonder if maybe the issue was destroying the O-rings with excessive pressure, but it feels like you'd have to press real hard to do that. The disadvantage to the non-APS fill adapter is needing to unscrew the hulls to fill, but I load hulls separately from the shells anyways so that's not a huge deal for me.


With a dollop of heavy silicone oil on the fill valve to help seal up the shells, all my shells are holding pressure nicely and are significantly faster to fill. I quite like the new system.

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By the way. I also ordered an APS CAM870 Zombie Hunter SF MKII shotgun because like I mentioned earlier my original one is getting a bit worn out due to all my tinkering and I couldn't get a GEN1 so bought a MKII and GEN1 bolt to replace.


Anyhow. It means I will be able to do a shell comparison between GEN1 / GEN2(Smart Shells) and GEN3 (MKII) as well as an overview on the differences between original CAM870 system and MKII system and a guide on how to convert your GEN system to MKII and MKII to GEN1 :P 

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Well fook me. WGC Shop are having a discount on APS CAM870 Smart Shell 25 pack for $140 USD :o

Usually retails for $190 - $210 USD




4-pack for $26 USD



Also some other nice items from APS on sale.




Well... I just bought a 25-pack and a tactical CAM870. Was planning on getting two spare CAM870s anyways and this was a good deal :D

Gonna tear the guns apart and sell all the things I don't need so should be a nice deal for me :) 

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I ended up cancelling my WGC Shop order because they insist on only shipping with UPS to Sweden and I also realized I am not in any hurry to get another CAM870 or more shells :P


But, lookie here what I got from APS today (bought, not sponsored. Feel like I have to clarify that from now on :P ).





APS CAM870 SF MKII shotgun that I will rebuild to GEN1 and have as my new base gun since I've worn out my current one :P

800 of the new shell plastic caps. Just had a quick play with some and they seem pretty good and look really cool.

And some other small spare parts.


I'm really interested to tear this down and see what differs on the inside.


I doubt the MKII bolt is very user service friendly considering it is a CO2 container and the installation of the release valve system in it seems pretty beefy. Not sure I will bother trying to take it apart. MKII = mweh


I did get the wrong color on 4 packs of the shell caps. Black instead of blue.

And the spare GEN1 SAI bolt I ordered has really *suitcasey* finish on it. Not even close to the original SAI TiN finish that I have in my CAM870 SAI rifle. It looks... rust brown, coarse and matte finish.


I have emailed APS about this and will be interesting to see how they handle it :)

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I'm actually interested in getting an MKII for reliability, or at least only having to maintain one part constantly rather than every single shell...


APS refuse to send anything to Ireland and no retailers seem to stock it :(


Could at least test it to see what power you get and how many shots? Also to see how it's constructed? 

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but 0.68 rubber paintball weighs different than a wad + 12bbs, where as a wad with 12bbs taped up, is practically the same weight, so the speed of the whole mass accelerated by the same propellant would be the same? It only slows down once it's down range with air resistance, but at the muzzle, they should be the same? 

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Lookie what I got from Brownells yesterday :D






New RS Remington 870 shell side sadle by MESA TACTICAL. Perfect retention fit for APS shells straight out of the box! $36 USD at Brownells.com: http://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/speedloaders-accessories/shotgun-shell-holders/sureshell-polymer-carrier-rem-870-1100-11-87-12ga-6-rd-sku100022971-84616-191719.aspx?sku=100-022-971


Metal/aluminum backing plate and polymer construction for the shell holder and rubber/PVC tube for retention of shells.


Mine was more like $56 USD from Brownells Sweden but that covers shipping and tax + customs fees (tax= 25%, customs 3% :o ) from the US so not too bad.


Looks like you might have to move one of the screw holes just a tiny bit for a perfect fit on the APS trigger plate/housing pin holes.


I was not happy with my straw mod ("ugly hack") on the PPS and I also messed up the screw hole alignment on that and I saw this and thought it looked really nice.

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