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With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.

Awww yeah.  Super Shorty version incoming  

FPR steel bolt, looks much more realistic than the original, cycles the same as before.   

Posted Images

Pretty sure he means these, which I guess technically would be "MKIII"/GEN3 shells.

Looks like another step to speeding up reloading of shells.

Not yet listed on APSs own web shop site though, and don't think I've seen them listed for sale anywhere yet.

Possibly only compatible with MKII? :o 


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Looks like there's a MKIII system on the way. Appears that it's not gas-in-bolt but retaining some design features of the MKII bolts.

One of the comments in Chinese said something like "Law suit won?". Perhaps meaning the legal battle which got them in trouble for the MKI system forcing them to make the MKII may have been cleared.



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4 hours ago, Reppyboyo said:

Interesting indeed. 

Apart from gas in bolt though what we're the differences? 

Wonder if we will see Mkiv shells now then. Gas in shell plus quick loading would be rad. 

The cap at the rear that can be unscrewed, like on the MKII bolts. Also the gold/TiN rim around the front of the firing pin is new and like MKII, not sure what it does though but the MKI don't look like that.

And as per the comment on the FB post the bolt plate is steel on this MKIII iteration. 

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More details here:


Only thing that seems worth mentioning is they reckon it is more powerful (360 ~ 380 FPS) due to the longer pin.
Might grab one when I have spare cash lying around but will stick to my MK1 for now.

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Someone messaged me on Facebook a while back saying that their MKII forend tube arms were too short to work in a MKI setup. I hadn't tested this myself and found it a bit strange as I had asked APS directly and was assured you could interchange the MKI and MKII bolts between systems without additional changes.

Maybe you can make it work by switching out the bolt plate between the bolts as well.

Browsing APS website just now it appears there is a change in the forend tube setup and arms :o 

Also looks like the bolt plate will be different.

As per this reference picture, and the warning text: *** It does not fits Old CAM 870 using Old Push Pin Bolt




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For the, like, three people who might be tempted to attempt such a project: The APS CAM870 fits in a Bullpup Unlimited conversion kit with minimal modification. Did it in about two hours, no power tools, just some trimming of plastic on the conversion plate (the piece that bolts to the rear of the receiver) and a bit of shimming to get it to attach at the correct angle.

This image is with a 24" barrel, but the overall length is just 33", and it's perfectly balanced over the pistol grip. The pump action is a little rougher and the trigger is garbage, but hey, it works.


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By the way, I messaged APS asking what it would take to switch from the MkI to the MkIII system. They emailed me back:


New MKIII system use push pin system same as CAM MKI. It is designed for customer who owned MKII likely to switch to MKIII

MKI user do not need to convert to MKIII because the firing system is the same.
The main different between MKI and MKIII is that MKI has the potential to install real gun 870 parts in it where some countries are prohibited. MKIII system is a modified version of MKI where no real gun parts could be used

To which I asked if there was any difference in performance, since their release photo showed a pretty high FPS, and got this reply:


MKI can also shoot 320 ~ 340 FPS when you are charing the shell with 88g Co2

So there are no big different in performance. If 10 FPS is a matter and you insist of upgrading to MKIII system, you have to change the bolt, change the bolt plate, change the forend cradle and change the body receiver, thats cost a lot of money and never worth it. (Butt stock, trigger system, barrel no need to change)

So there you have it- it's the MkI resurrected, without as much real-steel compatibility.

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I just got my APS CAM870 MkIII few days ago, tested her outside yesterday and it seems to work flawlessly. I have just 12 shells though, so the fun time was quite short.

Thus I need more shells and as I have bought all the last Smart shells here in CZ, I will have to order them from APS directly, which leads me to a question, has anybody tried these X-Power shells? Is there a considerable difference compared to regular Smart shells?

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