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With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.

Awww yeah.  Super Shorty version incoming  

FPR steel bolt, looks much more realistic than the original, cycles the same as before.   

Posted Images

Outch, that sucks :o


I just tried making some shell box prototypes. Turned out alright, needs some fine-tuning. But problem is it needs to be minimum of 300g cardstock paper. I can't print on something that thick. Which means my idea of doing fake Remington boxes is out the window.

Alternatives would be to print the design seperately on thin semi-gloss paper and glue it to the outside of the box, but don't think that will turn out great.

I guess I could try to screen print something simple on the card stock with a template of sorts, won't be as fancy, and then stick a product label on it.

Or just make plain boxes. Maybe black boxes, simple screen print, and product label would look cool.


Made one for 5 shells and one for 15. Thinking of doing a 12 box instead since that's what I will have, 3 sets of 12 shells. Hurr durr.

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Not very happy with mine:


Got it from Ehobby Asia last saturday.

When received, the wood stock was broken (a small piece of wood near the trigger guard), some signs of wear and tear (hope made during the test prior shipping and not due to a demo gun), the stock and the forend were very pale in color and nearly impossible to darken (even after removing the slice of poor varnish and using the right wood treatment as the quality of the wood is less than cheap), but more importantly, I have a lot of difficulties for recharging the shell in the barrel. Every 3 or 4 shells, the bolt definitly refuses to go forwards and lock unless using a massive force effect.


Hope to find a solution to this issue soon...or this replica will finish its life on my wall.




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I went with it on Sunday, but it was a sort of milsim event, so I fired 3 shots (that were actually at someone during a game), and it was a fairly long range, over 10m, the spread isn't big, which means I would be very wary about using this gun on a "normal" game, I definitely won't use it below 5 meters, because the group is so tight that 12 x 280 fps bbs would hurt, a fair amount, especially in the heat of battle, you don't want to end up shooting someone's face with this from close up (arguably you're kinda asking for it if you go to a CQB game without a full face protection, but still, we're not there to hurt people). So that's my view on "skirmiashability" from the safety aspect, after all, the TM one shoots just as hard, with hop up, tighter group, and it does 6 bbs. 


In term so of practicality aspect? Absolutely skirmish-able in my view (I have the breacher version though, not sure about the full length), it already comes with a shell catcher, and with the CO2 tank attachment, it really isn't that much of a big deal loading the shells, and if you treat the gun as a sort of secondary only to use when you see the right opportunity for it, then it's essentially a very compact, VERY satisfying, tighter grouping moscart launcher (aka shotgun lol), if you are advancing a long corridor, with 6 in the tube, it's definitely effective. It'd only be an issue as a primary due to it's realistic ammo capacity, because in terms of range and speed of reloading / shooting, not a problem at all. 

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Does anyone who owns the shotgun think they'd be able to use packing (brown, thin) tape to use as wadding, a quick seal over the top of the shell? I know some people use it on Moscarts. I guess the main thing to worry about is jamming up the action, but should be fairly quick to cut off the excess with a pocketknife. I don't think the tape would negatively effect the trajectory of the BBs - I'd imagine it's just sticky enough to secure the BBs, nothing else!

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I think it was mentioned somewhere, not sure if it was here. But it will probably have negative impact on the BBs. Due to added friction when BBs leave the shell, as well as binding up the BBs, and possibly BBs sticking to it. I think you're better off getting a 3/4" paper punch and a pack of 200g-250g paper and stamp your own.


If you wanna be fancy you could even print on the paper first with custom print for the caps. Like for example, seven shells that spell out F U C K   Y O U in order of loading ;)

Or put the weight of BBs used on the front.

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I'm more interested in custom paper cover that are the same color a as the shell but also with the printed pattern looking like the folded end of a 12 gauge shell!


This can be arranged ;)




Did a quick sample. Source image has a faint watermark on it and color matching is probably not 100%, but this will also depend on the printer used of course.





PDF, A4 paper, 9 x 13 covers (117 per sheet) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwSfLSQBUi2gYUtFeWRlNE1HTGc/edit?usp=sharing

When printing set to "actual size", and make sure to use "edge to edge" printing to get the scale close to 100%.

I can oversize it some more so there's a bit of room for error in the printing scale.


3/4" paper hole punch;







Use 200-250g A4 paper sheets to print on, should be sufficient.

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