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I'd say it is more essential to use the original with the wadding part, it is quite a "designed" object, but if it's for backyard plinking, why not just use the plastic ones? They're pretty cheap and very recoverable provided you aren't using it in a game, even though people have mention here that it breaks after a few shots, I've yet to break any of mine when I use them at home... 

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With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.

Awww yeah.  Super Shorty version incoming  

FPR steel bolt, looks much more realistic than the original, cycles the same as before.   

Posted Images

I'm not sure why we / APS think it's not selling well though, the shells were all out of stock for a while, all the shorty 870 were sold out pretty quickly from the major shops, I think it was just the wooden stock version that didn't do well, which I can't blame anyone for not buying it, it's got some pretty low quality wood, too long and too expensive... What I'm hoping is that other companies will start producing guns that uses these shells, I mean hell, even Madbull is still producing new shells for the Tanaka, and those guns have been discontinued for many years.


I've already managed to get a HS double barrel shotgun to work with these shells which I'll post on the technical thread properly once I receive the metal versions I've had machined for me.






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It's easy for items to get sold out if they are produced in low enough quantities :P


Didn't USCM post that they had sold less than 400 total CAM870s so far, and that the limit for after market manufacturers to procude parts was a minimum of 1000 units.. And APS themselves told me in an email it wasn't doing well and they won't be making any more accessories right now until they know how the market reacts to the products.



As for wads, I would say buy it in bulk right now to stock up. But I think those items and shells will be made even if the rifles themselves don't sell that well.


I can post the text I got;



The barrel looks beautiful. But we don't have any plan to make those barrel right now. Lets see how is the sales of this gun goes first. If people like this gun, we will further develop and make more parts and accessories like barrel and flash hider. However, people in the market say this gun is more expensive than the real model and loading of the Co2 is too complicate. So we have to be very careful before investing more on this gun


As a matter of fact I am off to the post office right now to pick up my full sized CAM870 :D




Alright, I got it! :D


It must be my lucky day because I didn't have to pay the extra 30% (!!!) taxes and customs fees! :D


Straight from APS webshop, 430 USD and 80 USD shipping, got it in 6 days from order. Me gusta!


It's lighter than I expected. Good!

Wood looks terrible. Bad!

Finish of the rest of the rifle looks and feels excellent. Good!

Sights on the barrel are actually nice. I don't like them visually as a part of the gun, but they seem to be nice for aiming, which is their job :D Good!

The sound of racking the action is less "click-clacky" than I expected. My metal Maruzen 870 sounded better. Hmmm, mweh?

Ejection of shells is excellent even with moderate pump force, this is good. Maruzen was terrible at ejection. Good!

The manual is really nice. Good!


I think they might have updated something on the newer batches as my parts diagram page has a printed out sticker put on top of the original printed diagram. Maybe we can compare to see what might have changed?


Glad I got my Remington police black polymer furniture that is going on right now! :D


Oh yeahz, I like it!


Now to order the rest of the parts and accessories I want and need to make my M870 shorty too! :D


Woop woop!

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They sold 250 initially and then another 100 in the months after. They've sold a few more since then but not in significant numbers. They're trying to figure out how to market the gun. The configurations so far haven't been popular. They've just released another variant with top folding stock. And there will be one or two more accessories in the coming months. If sales continue to be poor I just can't see them sustaining continued production and further development of the platform.


One suggestion I would have for them is to start releasing versions geared to the 3Gun industry as there'd be a lot of interest there. But that'd also require significant improvements in the system towards reliability and longevity of the system straight out of the box. Because as is, the 3gun market won't pick it up.

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You know I really hope it does better because I think it's a fantastic product. Even though I just got it, just the concept and exection alone are admirable.


Problem is in airsoft, shell ejection just ain't gonna cut it for the larger audience. It's basically a "novelty" airsoft product for the few that like it, as with any shell ejecting airsoft guns. However this is by far the most realistic one out there.


I would think the shorty would be most popular since it's compact and more skirmishable than the full size one.


As you say for RS training in different capacities it has great potential.


I really hope everyone in this thread and everyone who has one tries to help promote this product to keep it alive.


Now, it's one thing to not develope it further, but hopefully they won't cancel it all together and scrap any parts and accessories that may be needed for current users to keep running it.


USCM have you spoken to APS reps about your suggestions ?


Also, as with ever new airsoft gun, before even firing it, I have to take it appart. Woopsiie ? :D



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My first impressions are a few posts above, just out of the box :)


Considering it's 430 USD or 360 already for the two models, going any higher to increase quality would kill the product even further.

Better they try to sell more units and let aftermarket companies make new parts for whatever fails.


Well, I got mine done. My god it could of made a grown man cry...


I fiddled with getting the shell latches back in place like 5 times. And then once I got those in, and the trigger pack, I realized I forgot to put in the bolt stopper! Aaaargh!


Forend fit no mods, sweet as pie!


Stock, not so much. Had to shave down like 2.5mm of the surface that interfaces with the reciever end. And then the stock screw and washer aren't designed to fit in the Remington police polymer stock. The screw needs to be longer and the washer bigger, they are supposed to sit on top of the tube hole which the screw goes through.


I tried using the stock one, and I couldn't get it tight and I could not figure out why. Until I looked down the rear of the stock and realized the washer was working it's way down the inside of the screw tube and not tightening at all.


I was like, FUUUU, I want this on NAUW! Tried some different tricks but didn't work. So I need the original Remington mounting hardware to make it a good fit. But what I ended up doing was going to the hardware shop, bought two handfulls of same sized washers as I had, jammed them on the screw and shoved it down the hole, and somewhere along they way they stuck because now the stock is on there alright, for now :D


So, just to give you a comparative view, again, 30 minutes out of the box, it looked like this;




And now it looks like this;




Full size here; https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-TzAFTLMlhKc/VAYAz4sLAPI/AAAAAAAAEK8/_M0NYzO9lno/s5127/nx_cam_870_black_fs.jpg


Now I'm gonna order me some parts so I can make this into a shorty as well :D


And this weekend I am gonna work up the guts to call the local police department and ask if I can go shoot this at an abandoned military range that is literally 100 meters from my house!


A co-worker that also plays airsoft was like "Why don't you go there and shoot? Just call the police first". And I was like... yeah why the hell not!




I might even bring my camera and capture the action :)





By the way. With the polymer furniture it is even lighter. I was worried because my custom metal Maruzen 870 was sooo heavy I could barely fire a full magazine (4+1) without my arms aching. But this thing, I dunno it just feels amazing to hold, very light and manuverable. Good!

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Thanks mate! :)


This is going to be borderline douche-baggy but here's my shopping list for the CAM870... I am dedicated to this platform!


As a famous man once said;


"Because, #YOLOSWAG, bi|ches!" :D


Don't know if you are aware but Bunny Workshop has the scope mount in stock.






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Scrap what I wrote.


Here is picture of mine, shell in magazine tube, forend forward, me pushing down the shell lifter manually. Tried to match your picture;




What exactly is the problem?


If you have the gun exactly as in your picture, and you push the shell latch "ledge" towards the reciever, a shell should come out of the magazine tube.



Overlayed in PS it looks like your shell latch arm might be bent out of shape, or not installer properly. (?)

Have you had the gun appart?

The little latch at the front of the shell latch should go in behind the magazine tube holder. I had a hell of a time getting mine together.

APS sell spares for 12 USD a pair.http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=25_115&product_id=516


Right. APS call them ejecting plats. Real name is shell latches; http://www.brownells.com/schematics/Remington-/870-Express-sid2.aspx Parts 88 and 89.



I actually have no idea. The more I look at the pictures the more similar they look.

What happens when you have shells in the magazine tube and rack the action?

Does it lock up or just come up empty in the chamber?

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I actually have no idea. The more I look at the pictures the more similar they look.

What happens when you have shells in the magazine tube and rack the action?

Does it lock up or just come up empty in the chamber?



It does not load the shell and i can't push the ejector plate to release the shell.  The forend locks up and have to use force to push the forend forward.  

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Holy mother of God I just had major deja vu on those last two posts :o


planeman you didn't say if you've taken it appart or not?


Basically the little pointy bit on the shell latch needs to go in to the reciever before the magazine tube holder "ring" and go behind it/beside it (wedged between reciever and magazine tube holder rings). It's hard to explain. I had to redo my shell latches installation 5-6 times to get it right, mostly because it was fiddly, even when I knew how to put them in.


I suggest you strip it down completely and rebuild it. If it's still stuck then chances are your shell latches are busted and needs to be replaced.


Problem is you wouldn't be able to get the body pins in there if the shell latches were out of alignment. If you did then you bent the shell latches for sure.


The fact that you can't push it to the side manually makes me think that is the problem, either its out of aligment, unlikely if pins are in, or it's bent and out of alignment, if pins are indeed in.


Maybe try Googling for RS 870 references and see if that gives you anything.


Nice to see the AR stock adapter coming, don't think it's anything I want for myself, but the more parts and accessories the better :)


Let me try and explain how I built mine back together;


1. Put bolt on forend holding rods (not correct terms)

2. Slide bolt and forend rods into reciever

3. Flip reciever upside down

3a. Secure bolt stopper plate

4. Put the magazine tube and magazine tube holder rings halfway into the reciever (magazine tube rings that is)

5. Place the shell latches into the reciever, pointy ends first, up against the reciever walls, inbetween reciever walls and magazine tube holder rings (they differ left and right, one has a sharp bend in it that fits in the reciever. They will also want to point inwards to the center of the reciever if placed correctly)

6. Slide magazine tube and magazine tube holder rings all the way into reciever

7. Align (with grooves in reciever and holes in reciever and latches) and push shell latches into reciever grooves so that they stay relatively well in place

8. Insert trigger group

9. Insert trigger group pins

10. Make sure to push magazine tube and holder rings all the way back again to make sure they are in place

11. Secure magazine tube with screws

12. Attach barrel

13. Secure barrel with magazine extension and/or cap



That is as best as I can remember how I did it. But the steps with putting the shell latches in before the magazine tube holder rings was an important differense, at least I found.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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