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Tokyo Marui M&P 9


Well its arrived. I've never done a review before so please bear with me and be gentle, I've tried to cover as much as I can but I'm sure I've missed something! This is just my first impressions with the pistol along with some photos, I will keep adding to the thread as I use the pistol and I get some mileage on it. 




The box is your standard new generation TM box. Nice glossy picture of the pistol inside with promotional jargon splashed on the front. Inside you'll find the manual with parts diagram in Japanese, targets, safety instructions, 2 spare back straps, small pouch of bbs, unjamming rod, spare magazine followers, barrel plug, the magazine and of course the pistol itself. Standard stuff from TM really, the box holds the pistol nice and securely.


The Pistol





As soon as you pick the pistol up you get an instant satisfaction. There is absolutely no wobble at all, I mean NONE, I've never come across this in any other pistol before which is nice. Without the magazine its quite light but after installing the magazine it becomes very nicely balanced and has a really nice weight to it. Comparing it to my WE model, I'm already sold but I'm sure most of you could've come to that conclusion yourselves. 


The frame of the pistol is quite smooth with little texture on the upper at least, the lower portion of the pistol grip has a defined line where the texture increases, I would assume to increase grip levels. I don't know if this is true to the RS model but I didn't notice it on my WE before I painted it. There are some reasonably noticeable seam lines but nothing outrageous, they're neat and even which is something at least. 


The slide has a nice finish to it and seems to be made with good quality materials. The trades are fantastic and very crisp. Can't ask for more there, the sights are well moulded and have nice crisp white dots in the usual places for aiming. 





The rubber back strap is really nicely moulded with a very faint seam line but nothing noticeable unless you really look for it. They seem pretty flimsy compared to the WE model but you can't tell as soon as you install them onto the pistol. For now the WE back straps aren't interchangeable but I think from looking at them it'd be fairly easy to mod them to fit if you wanted to for any reason. 


The ambidextrous slide catch is nice and there is no movement between the two. I find it's a little hard to get to as my thumb catches the safety but that'll just take a bit of getting used to. 


The safety switch has a nice positive click to it and is of a very nice size that it doesn't get in the way at all and is very comfortable to use. I have heard rumours on it being possible to remove it and not affect the overall function of the pistol but I couldn't comment on that, I have no intention to remove it myself. 


The whole pistol feels solid and as I said before, rattles are non existent. 


Inserting the magazine is very solid and smooth with a satisfying clunk as the mag clicks into place. There is no wobble with the magazine inserted and the weight and balance of the magazine improves. Removing the magazine is a little stiff I will admit and as the magazine sits flush to the grip I would imagine it could be quite difficult to remove with gloves on. They definitely don't just drop out, personally I like that, saves some broken base plates! The mag catch is again a little stiff but nothing to really write home about. 


I've not had a chance to handle the VFC version so I can't comment on that personally but from watching reviews of that and personally owning a WE M&P I can say that for me this is an absolutely superb replica. 


The Technical Stuff





The biggest selling point for me was that it's TM and I expect fantastic performance from a TM pistol. To be honest this has more than met my expectations. 


On racking the slide the first impression is that its a little stiff which concerned me a little. I don't know if this will ease up over use, only time will tell. It seems reasonably well lubed up, nothing that drew concern so I presumed it wouldn't be an issue. Interestingly the action of the slide eases up considerably after the first rack with the hammer to the rear, obviously as the slide is not catching the hammer each time. I'll keep the thread updated on how smooth the action becomes over time, fingers crossed it'll improve otherwise I might have to take a look into it. After racking the slide a few times I did notice some wear already occurring on the barrel, I don't know if that was originally there when the pistol arrived as I didn't notice, but I will keep an eye on it see how it progressed. 




Internally it looks like the pistol is similar to the Glock 17 in my eyes but someone might be able to give some more detail.


The parts look like they're cast nicely with some even seam lines again. The hammer spring seems strong and crisp which is nice. As I said they look very similar to the internals of a G17, after a couple of mags through the pistol there seems to be little if any wear which is nice, again I will update the thread as I go! 


The Hop unit is quite interesting, not like any other TM hop I've seen. The adjustment cogs are external and the hop tensioner is also quite unique. I can't comment on the compatibility with rubbers and barrels yet as I don't want to spoil TMs "magic" but when issues arise I will have it apart if needs be! 




The slide seems to have the standard strengthening you would expect from new TM pistols with the metal plate around the slide catch areas, only time will tell how it fares! 




Shooting is a dream put simply. Just as you would expect from a TM pistol. Its fantastically snappy on propane and the pistol had absolutely no issue cycling at all which was a relief after my concern with the stiffness. 


I didn't actually count how many bbs the magazine holds but it is similar to a Glock 17 I would say. 


Filling the magazine with gas and bbs is your usual affair as with any other TM mag. Put it into the pistol with the nice solid clunk, rack the slide and you're good to do. 


Pulling the trigger is very nice and crisp with a good reset and it doesnt feel sloppy at all, something I felt was a big con with the WE version. The slide jumps into life instantly with a brilliantly crisp kick and returns snappily to battery. It feels very very similar to a Hi-Capa in terms of kick, it really does bring a smile to your face. 


Accuracy and range is fantastic. It happily shot 15-20m in my garden with brilliant groupings using a .3g bb. After each shot the slide had returned ready for the next shot quicker than I could pull the trigger, it brings a massive smile to your face! The sights are very easy to use and are the usual 3 dot style making target accusation very easy and quick. 






Mine was chronoing at around 290fps on propane which was more than acceptable for a stock TM pistol, I don't see it needs any more for now, though no doubt I will eventually try to crank it up once more upgrade parts become available! 




Overall I think this is an absolutely lovely pistol. It has met and exceeded my expectations and I really couldn't ask for more. Only time will tell how it fares with some mileage on it but I am expecting standard TM reliability to be honest. I want to try and keep this as stock as possible for as long as possible. 


I bought this as I have loved the M&P since I first saw one and whilst the WE was a reasonable compromise in looks it didn't hold a candle to my expectations in performance. This has replaced my WE and fits in the kydex holster I had made for it perfectly so I would hope the dimensions are pretty much identical with the exception of the added safety catch. Unfortunately I don't have my WE M&P here with me at the moment so can't make a direct comparison but to be honest, I don't think it's needed. This really is in a completely different ball park. 


9/10 for this pistol overall I would say simply due to the stiffness of the slide and magazine catch. I'm sure they will wear in over time and it'll likely gravitate closer to the 10/10 as time goes on. If you want one. Don't hesitate to buy one! It's fantastic, I just NEED more mags! 



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Tokyo Marui M&P 9   Well its arrived. I've never done a review before so please bear with me and be gentle, I've tried to cover as much as I can but I'm sure I've missed something! This is just

Finally got my hands on my M&P9!   Box. Pretty.     Apparently it was FPS tested, not that I really care that much.     Not sure when TM started doing this, but keeps my precious safe.

Just finished this. Its running like train and looks fantastic. Detonator slide cerakoted McMillian Grey, Nebula Frame in Magpul OD, controls in Graphite Black.   

Posted Images

Thanks for this. Wasn't expecting their was a review so fast.


I had a VFC M&P9 for $200 all inclusive in Canada. Sold it as soon as I heard of the TM one was being released soon.


Hoping this won't be more then $280+13%tax Canadian here and picking oneup!

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The hop is the new version along with the HK45 and PX4, same barrels and rubbers, but you dont need to pop the slide to adjust!


Ahh fantastic good to know! I've got a few nineball rubbers and a PDI barrel lying around so I will give them a go after a few months of using this stock! 

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Good review Delta. Definitely a bit stiff to cock initially. Strip it back down, and remove all of the tm grease, then do Ybr job properly! Mine is getting there nicely.


My hi capa was also a little stiff out the box, should bed in nicely


All the nasty TM grease is gone now.. much much better already! :D


One thing I have noticed with it. To use the takedown lever you don't need to have the slide half cocked like you do on the WE.. but you do need to have the hammer cocked for slide removal. 


Thanks for the kind words gents! 

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I don't know, looks to be on purpose.. If you look at the actual lever there is a little cut out in the back to allow it to be turned without the slide interfering.. No idea why they did that, but its a small inaccuracy doesn't make too much difference to be honest.. 


Using the small back strap myself now.. So comfortable, more comfortable than I remember my WE being, but maybe thats just me being biased. 


Can't decide if I'm on the band wagon for a salient slide or not.. Either that or a Titanium grey standard slide and threaded barrel.. Probably the latter to be honest.

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Definitely getting one. I wonder if the safety can be removed and permanently set to kill.

First report I heard regarding the removal of the safety was No, as the safety would have to be replaced not alone by a new aftermarket frame, but some kind of retaining pin to replace the core of the safety lever, this might not be possible.

This was an initial report though, so I haven't heard much since.


Nova slides are just finished pre-production and should be going into production in two-weeks, as expected these should be available in the SAI, ATEi and regular variants.

The Marui slides are slightly larger at the BBU due to internal strengthening.


Detonator may be first to market though at a more expensive price and initially Japan-only, like the prior WE versions.



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Finally got my hands on my M&P9!


Box. Pretty.




Apparently it was FPS tested, not that I really care that much.




Not sure when TM started doing this, but keeps my precious safe. +1




Le beauty. I requested WGC tape up the trades and pack the slide and frame separately (this was taken after the slide was unpacked and put on). -1 for orange tip laws :(




No moar tape! Still orange though :(




Looks pretty damn good.




Since the only M&P9 I've handled is a real steel one, this one feels absurdly lighter, most likely due to the fact both the slide and outer barrel are plastic.


Trades are nicely engraved.




Good frame trades, not like TM's weird FNH trade on their 5-7.




Trades on the right side, with the additional TM + ASGK engravings on the frame.




9MM trade on the outer barrel, as well as the hole for load indicator (don't think it's useful for airsoft).




Magazine base plate trades.




Slide locked back. Don't think we'll have the same slide kerfuffel we did when the WE M&P came out.




Hopup, like the PX4 and HK45, are adjustable w/o taking the slide off.




Safety lever. Personally, since my RS M&P has one, I don't mind this one bit - I like safeties, unlike Eric Bana (hurrhurr).




Since I do have a RS M&P9 w/ the safety lever, time to compare! Obviously massive orange tipped M&P is airsoft, non-tipped is RS.




My RS M&P doesn't have the "Stainless" trademark - I'm positive I've seen it on other M&P's though.




Frame trades. RS engraving is deeper than TM's.




Rear (TM bottom, RS upper). I only noticed when looking at this picture that the S&W trade on the rear of the slide don't match. Two other things:


1. The TM safety lever travels nowhere near as much as the RS safety lever does.

2. The grip texture between the bottom + middle of the frame has a much larger texture difference on the TM than it does on the RS. I think this is mainly due to the plastics used to make the frame.




Right side. TM is missing the lasered trades under the ejection port; font and positioning also seem slightly different (minor quibble).




Right side slide trades in detail.




Mag plates differ GREATLY (RS on left, TM on right). In person the RS one seems wider, so RS baseplates are probably a no-go; no idea on WE (especially those DYTAC 10-8 ones made for WE) or VFC ones though.




Mag front. Obvious differences here.




Back. Pretty damn close.




Underneath. The pics may make it seem the TM plastic is shiny/cheap, but trust me, it's MUCH better than plastics of previous GBB's.




RS left, TM right. When the safety is disengaged, the TM one is about 1-2mm higher than the RS. Might bother some, but it's a relatively minor thing.




Locked slide compare.




Apart. Takedown is identical to RS (minus having to fondle with the sear lever).




BBU + nozzle. TM makes a big deal w/ the larger nozzle capacity (it's even on the box).




Lower frame. I'm not going to bother trying to remove the safety.




OB and recoil rod taken out.




Yes I hate orange. Good thing 20 minutes + 70% isopropyl alcohol + gauze took care of most of it :)




Hmm....maybe I should've done this before I took the other pics lol.




I didn't get a chance to load and shoot it, but after a bit of quick dry-firing the gun kicks HARD on propane. Recoil is ridiculously snappy, and I can just imagine it to be an absolute joy to use on the field.


Weirdly, this is the first item I've ever purchased from TM new - and I'm so glad I did. TM did a great job matching to the real M&P9, and as an M&P lover I'm absolutely hooked. I'll be happy to answer any questions if anyone has them :)

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The "Stainless" markings used to be on some M&Ps but I think they no longer have that. I have it on half my RS M&Ps.


The "capable of firing when magazine is removed" is present on all M&Ps accept those in restricted states such as CA. Again, half my M&Ps have that, the other half don't.


The TM base plate is based off the RS gen 1 base plates which required an internal metal base bad retention plate. A couple years back S&W switched to a plastic base pad retention plate which necessitated changing the base pad itself to the version you have. Both worked equally well, though the Gen 2 were more cost efficient to make especially in light of rising metal material costs and shortages that resulted in frequent supply issues. This was nullified with the Gen 2 base plate.


I'm really impressed you were able to get the orange paint off the slide and barrel so well. I've had trouble with that in the past and basically melted the plastic to a degree.


The upper part of the frame seems smoother than the RS. And the textural change that is bisected at the mag release is also more acute. But I can certainly live with both of those if the performance is there.


Have you tried back strap and mag release compatibility with RS?

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I stripped a Marui M&P Today and was mentioned before the safety is a no-go area, after you remove the hammer mechanism pin, a small screw under the backstrap has to be unscrewed to release the hammer mechanism.

The safety is a permanent fixture, there may be a way of removing it eventually, but would involve a complete rebuild of the hammer mechanism, and replacement frame.

If your used to firing a WE or VFC M&P or other striker fired pistols you might find the safety an annoyance to say the least.

But overall as a skirmishing gun, great kick and gas efficiency so a sure winner :)


PS - pity about the pinch mark on the top of the beavertail, seems to be on them all !

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