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KWA MP7A1 devgru uber package

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Selling my trusty kwa mp7. I love this thing and has been probably my most faithful rif. Needs must unfortunately.

As an avid nsw gear/loadout dork, this is setup as DEVGRU would have it setup.



-Kwa mp7a1

-Hammerson combat Wilcox rail replica (decent $70 replica not the fma )

-6 leak free 40 round mags (1 has slightly damaged base plate)

-1 leak free (unpainted) 20 round mag

-T1 replica

-G&P TD QD stubby grip

-Replica m600 scout light

-VFC qd HK suppressor

-FMA LA5 peq15 replica dummy box

-Spare new kwa receiver


Fires absolutely perfectly at 320/325 with 0.2s and propane. I have run this exclusively on propane as the silicone in green gas will cause the hop rubber to swell and cause issues with feeding etc.

Hop is set for madbull perfect 0.3s. Range and accuracy is superb. Hits a man size target almost every time with this ammo at a measured (not airsofter exaggeration) 155ft.


Has been painted by myself which has been worn through use. There is a superficial crack at the rear of the receiver but has been like that for over a year with plenty of use and hasn't changed. This is due to the internals actually being attached/house in an inner metal frame/skeleton which is what gives the mp7 it's strength. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it's cosmetic. :P


There is also a slight crack at the front above sling hook which is the same deal as above. The spare receiver is included (I panic bought it direct from kwa (18 months ago) but it won't be needed.


Buttstock rails are standard so either open or closed but extra notches have been cut for a slightly shorter position.


Price is £420 posted within the UK.


Open to offers/trades


Possible trades:


Surefire m300/m600/x300s etc

RS eotech 511/512/552/551 etc

TM p226






More pics to follow

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