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OK, so its finally here!! The Cybergun/VFC FNX-45. #YOLOSWAG   The box is as you’ve all seen, glossy picture with the promotional jargon plastered in the spare space. There is no packaging inside th

paintjob done...

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Sorry for the pic heavy post :) Just installed the Tritium vials on my FNX, i decided to only have a white ring on the front sight. Thanks for the tip on the vials btw, no problems installing them with a little superglue and shrink tube:)

Now behold the most tacticool airsoft weapon you'll ever see :D




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I'd rather not put shrinkwrap and heat on the vials :P




Summary of items inbound for ze Project Realistiqué ; 


1x FNH USA FNX 45 RS pistol nylon carry bag

4x FNX 45 RS backstraps

1x RS FNX 45 magazine catch spring

1x Ace 1 Arms RMR adapter plate (thanks DJ! :D )

1x Azumith RMR adapter plate (DJ again, Boom Arms :D )

3x Green Tritium vials (thanks whoever posted eBay link!)

1x Ace 1 Arms OSP 8" black supressor (thanks rusTORK! :D )


Items left: 


1x FNX 45 Tactical manual (semi in progress)

1x FNH USA registration card (semi in progress)

1x FN USA pistol cable lock (semi in progress)

2x Plastic containers (semi in progress, for backstraps and RMR plates)


Custom items to be made; 


1x FN USA FNX 45 spent casing envelope

1x FNX 45 serial number and UPC A information card

1x Packed by sticker



Fck yah!


YOLOing like a BOSS! :P

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The Azimuth is the thinest one I know, there is a 1.3 mm difference between the azimuth and the a1a one. Regarding the white ring, I did pull or the old inserts, took the white part, cut it a bit, made the hole wider :o and inserted the vial into it, real PITA. You don't need the shrink tube, black or white electric tape work as well.

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I am talking about the A1A thread adapter kit for the supressor: http://ace1arms.com/goods.php?id=136


Here's what their plate looks like: http://ace1arms.com/goods.php?id=249


The A1A plate I am getting from DJ since he got it with his A1A RMR but he now uses the Azumith plate.


I want both because the A1A looks more like a "real" FNX RMR adapter plate, but the Azumith is as per above, lower.

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Hey hooo!


The plate was in my mailbox today DJ, thanks! :D




Too bad the elevation adjustment screw on this particular A1A RMR doesn't do *suitcase* though :P



And I got confirmation from rusTORK that he went to a local store and bought me an 8" black A1A OSP silencer today too :D


Too good to be true! :) 



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