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OK, so its finally here!! The Cybergun/VFC FNX-45. #YOLOSWAG   The box is as you’ve all seen, glossy picture with the promotional jargon plastered in the spare space. There is no packaging inside th

paintjob done...

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Bah. Do you have 0% humidity where it was stored and corrosive acid fumes in the air? :P


Take it apart, clean it, relube it, put it back together, replace the standard orings. Boom! Good as new. :D 


Unless magazines make noise when I fill them, I don't consider it a "leak". If it takes days or weeks for the gas to escape, that's like whatevers.

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I replaced my front sight screw today with one that has a screw head.


The original screw is an M2.5x4mm hex/allen grub screw. It has a 1.3mm hex drive head.


Got a laptop computer component screw from work that was M2.5x4.5mm with philips head from work. Filed down so it was like 3.75mm, to not interfere with the tritium insert.


After I tightened it down I was like "Hmmm, what if I damaged the tritium vial?". So being the genius I am, I did a sniff test trying to detect a tritium leak, lol :D


My front sigh tritium is still glowing so I don't think it broke :P



Also installed my Azimuth RMR mount plate. The screws that came with it for installing the RMR were just a tad too short so they didn't get down to bite in the threading of the plate.


Used a Dremmel to countersink the holes in the RMR a little bit further and then it worked :)

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Yay-o! :D





Got mah stuff in the mail today! :D


RS backstraps fit without mods, but are very tight at the top, due to interfacing with the back end of the hammer housing. You would probably have to sand that down a bit to make it easier. I had to hammer the backstrap in place. And I will have to remove the hammer housing to get it off again :P


RS magazine release spring also worked after bending it a little bit.


So, FNX 45 Project RS Case is about 90% completed now. Just have to finish up the labels and registration card!


Special thanks go out to aznriptide859, rusTORK and DJ_komodo

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Spring is fine. It happens to all the mags. The issue is that there's enough room for the springs to rotate in the feed tube and thus eject themselves out the front. They're easy enough to put back in because of this. The springs aren't wide enough/the hole in the front is too wide


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Welp :(


My FNX has developed a severe case of sticky trigger/hammer. To the point where the de-cocker barely doesn't work and the hammer doesn't break until the trigger is forcefully squeezed all the way to the back...


Guess I am taking my lower apart again to investigate :(

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I almost feel bad for posting this here because it turned out so fricken good!!! :D


I'm normally very critical of my own work, but I have to say, DAAAAYUM!! Even I am impressed :D


Unboxing video coming tomorrow!







Also, regarding my sticky trigger/hammer. I think I might know why.


When I installed the RS backstrap I literally had to hammer it in place. I think either the pressure of the backstrap at the back of the hammer housing is causing issues, or something got misaligned from the hammering.


Will take it apart tomorrow after I've done the unboxing video, file down the hammer housing chassi and see if that works better.


Lubing up the hammer and sear area did help a little bit too.

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