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had this o&w toledo about 10 years now, it still keeps time as accurately as when it was new at about -10 secs per day which is pretty good for a self winding valjoux 7750 movt that isn't chronometer rated




it really needs a service but that is a bit spendy for something that is working fine..


anyway thats my 'during the week' watch, i usually wear a tatty old issue cwc g10 for skirmishing which has had its allegedly 'shatterproof' acrylic crystal replaced twice after airsofting incidents

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Yeah.  That is putting me off too. I see there are a couple of adapters in the works.  Maybe they'll be decent.


The only one I've seen so far still uses 22mm straps--a 46mm watch (perfect size for me) needs 24mm.  It does look a whole lot better with lugs though.  

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Looks like *suitcase* imo.  That dial protector? thing is going to dig into your hand.


You can't sell a product by just sticking 'spec-ops' and laughably, 'tacticool' on the ad.

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I saw this on FB yesterday - not sure I'd dare wear it on a skirmish but looks very nice





No way is that worth £50. It will be a cheap Chinese quartz made for about 3 quid. As said, eBay is best for Chinese watches. A mate of mine got one that looks like a suunto for about £7 delivered :)

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