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Tokyo Marui AUG High Cycle

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So after a 4 year hiatus from Airsoft I started playing again late last year.  I still have quite a few AEG's from back in the day... but up until recently only have one TM gun left.  Having not bought a BRAND new TM AEG since the SOC-16 came out years ago... I decided to try out the new AUG. It was on sale at Evike for $290 (total steal!).... so I couldn't resist. I've always have had a soft spot for TM.  My first AEG ever was a TM AK47 back in 2004.  I loved that gun and it never failed me.... however I have owned a plethora of other AEG's and am not biased towards TM aside from their amazing hop-ups :D


Having owned a TM AUG way back in the day, I was curious to see what improvements they had made over my old TM Civ. AUG.  Once I got the package I was super excited and started opening it up.  The box and packing was very nice.  Though I never really care about the box/presentation and more so the gun :D


First Impressions:




Once lifting the AUG out of the box I immediately felt how damn solid it was.  My old TM Civ. AUG was super creaky and toyish.  The front grip always wobbled around and the finish was not great at all.  The TM AUG HC is nothing like the old AUG series.  The finish is great, the body itself is completely solid. I noticed slight play in the front end where the barrel assembly is retained by a quick takedown pin/latch.  The play is because the pin is slightly smaller than the retaining hole.  I'll shim up the pin with an o-ring or something for use when I don't need it disassembled.  Very minor and doesn't seem to effect accuracy/range.






One of the selling points to this gun is its uniqueness.  Especially nowadays, it is very rare to see a TM AEG out in the field.  At least where I live.  Most of what you see are G&G Combat Machine M4's, KWA M4's, G&P M4's.... blah blah blah.  The uniqueness of this gun and the constant "what the hell is that" or "DUDE can I check that out!?" is pretty entertaining.  The gun just shoulders so well and with a decent optic it makes for a great CQB or Field gun. The rail allows for a large optic or a dual setup like an Eotech with a Magnifier behind it.  It also has a small rail on the right side of the upper receiver to attack a flashlight, laser or accessory of your choosing.


The battery compartment can house your average 8.4v small type Nihm battery.  However I chose to go with either a 7.4v 1800 mah Lipo or my other 11.1v 2200 mah Lipo from Hobbyking.  They are roughly the same size as the average 8.4v small type Nihm battery but obviously give better performance.






The quick takedown of the inner and external barrel takes seconds.  You lock the charging handle rearward, then press the front barrel retaining lock to the right.  You then turn the external barrel counter clockwise about a 1/4 turn and slide the front barrel/foregrip assembly out.  This gives you easy access to the hop-up for whatever reason you would need.


To further take down the gun you remove the middle body pin which has a metal plate with 3 holes in it to secure the body pin.  The body pin itself has a pin which locks down the body pin onto the metal plate via a spring under the pin itself.  This allows the body pin to stay into the receiver without the chance of it falling out during a game. With the body pin removed the upper receiver can be slid forward and out of the main body.


To remove the gearbox it is a simple as removing the butt plate/cover and then removing the battery/gearbox divider.  It is held in by two screws.  Once the screws are removed you can then pull from the top of the plate and remove the divider.  After that, simply coax the gearbox out of the body by grabbing the motor cage or shaking the body with the gearbox facing the floor until the gearbox slides out.






Since I rarely play CQB I bought this gun with the hope that it would do well in woodland/field environments.  Luckily it does!  My first actual test was right before a game. I got a midcap loaded up took it to the usual test fire area and shot a few rounds down range.  Once I got the hop-up dialed in I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I had picked out a spot which has roughly 250-300 feet of range to mess around with.  I will have to confirm this but with .25's and the completely stock gun I was getting an effective range of around 200 feet.  This was astonishing due to the fact of how small the inner barrel was... however I have seen nothing but awesomness out of nearly every TM AEG I have shot.  Especially in stock form.


I was getting 27-28 RPS with a 8.4v 1400 mah Intellect battery.  FPS was around 280-285 with .2's and 250 or so with .25's consistently.


However, the main issue for me was FPS.  Mainly the time it was taking to engage long-distance enemies. Our field limits for AEG's in my area is 375 FPS with .25's.  To remedy this, I decided to do what few people would fear to do after having owned their new TM for a week or less.... OPERATE.


Internals Review/Upgrades:


I decided that the internals looked like since there is so little information on this gun... especially internally.  It is a Ver. 3 gearbox with a newer style TM High Speed Motor.  Thats about all I knew. Here's what was inside.




The gearbox itself is a Ver. 3.  Propriety parts for this gun are: the unique trigger, trigger contacts (quite literally... lol), top gearbox rail/cover (bolt cover attaches to top of the gearbox), motor cage, and long Air nozzle (Prometheus makes an O-Ring Air Nozzle specifically for this AUG High Cycle). If you are familiar with Ver. 3 gearboxes and aren't afraid of teching you will do fine.


Remove the gearbox rail cover and bolt cover assembly (be careful spring doesn't go flying its under a decent load).


Remove the trigger contacts cover and motor cage:




Remove gearbox screws and crack her open!


Here are some pics of the stock parts and the interior of the gearbox.  This is the first TM I have seen come stock with METAL BUSHINGS.  Finally... hahaha.


"Shortstroked" Piston.  Standard TM plastic piston.  Replaced with an SHS Full Metal Rack Piston and Super Shooter CNC Piston head (for durability).




Interior of gearbox.  




TM EG3000 motor (pulls higher fps springs with ease):




Ported Cylinder (I replaced with a ZCI full cylinder and RTV'd the stock TM cylinder head to it and got a perfect air seal with my piston/piston head combo)....




Cylinder Head and Air Nozzle (Air nozzle is not a o-ring type but has a great seal... while not perfect seal to the TM cylinder head):






Standard TM gears minus the different styled Bevel Gear without the normal middle portion which has the teeth which mesh with the ARL.




Standard TM Plastic Spring guide and most likely a TM M90 spring or something equivalent:




I wish I would have snapped more pics on the install of the new parts I put in... however here is the list of what I replaced/worked on.


ZCI Full Cylinder with RTV'd TM Cylinder head (great air seal), SHS Full Metal Rack Piston with Super Shooter CNC Piston head, M110 Spring, ZCI Ver. 3 Metal Bearing Spring Guide, SHS Anti-Reversal Latch, 3/16" Sorbopad Epoxied to Cylinder Head, removed fused and soldered on dean's plug.  


Shimming was spot on from TM and I decided to torture test the stock gears and see how they hold up.  I have a 13:1 SHS Gen 3 Gearset when the stock set fails. I also will be replacing the stock barrel with a 455mm Madbull 6.03 Tightbore before this coming game this Saturday. Also gunna try out a Prometheus Flat Hop-Up Bucking and Prometheus Flat Nub and see how it performs compared to the stock TM bucking and nub.


I will get better video of it shooting now but I was getting 330-335 FPS with .25's @36-38 RPS with a 2200 mah 11.1v Lipo Battery.  ^_^


I will update this review and add more content when time allows.  This forum has been one of the best Airsoft forums I have been apart of for the last 10 years of my obsession with this sport.  Hope those of you who are curious about this gun learn a little bit and get some insight on this awesome little TM AEG :D



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Quick question. How come players don't increase the FPS further to 366FPS plus on TM guns? Is it because it's not rated for such FPS and that it'll break? Or will it destroy the accuracy of the gun?



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Quick question. How come players don't increase the FPS further to 366FPS plus on TM guns? Is it because it's not rated for such FPS and that it'll break? Or will it destroy the accuracy of the gun?



Some players do; it depends on what they want to do with the gun really.


FPS doesn't really affect range of the BB; the bigger players with regard to range are the hop up (TM ones are fantastic) and energy retention, heavier BBs etc.


So quite a lot of players with TM weapons are more than content to keep it at stock FPS and avoid opening the gearbox - as it'll likely last a long, long time :)


366FPS is quite specific; is that because of Canadian laws? Here, the upper limit for FPS for automatic weapons is 350FPS firing .2bbs, and 500FPS for single-shot. (It's not officially law but that's what the CPS will use to prosecute I believe.)

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Great review by the way Blink. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that ugly/awkward front-end grip. Do you know if it can be removed without affecting the gun? I'm looking to pick one of these up but it may be a dealbreaker if I can't.

You can tell there's an area for an allen key to unscrew it. So yea, the fugly foregrip is removeable.


366-410FPS is the importation requirement here. Once it reaches Canada, you are allowed to increase or decrease the FPS any way you want. I think the maximum is 450 or 500FPS here, I don't remember.

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Great review by the way Blink. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that ugly/awkward front-end grip. Do you know if it can be removed without affecting the gun? I'm looking to pick one of these up but it may be a dealbreaker if I can't.


Yes you can remove the front-end grip if you like.  Yes, its fugly as hell but until I figure out something to replace it with it will stay like that.  I really enjoy this gun.  The reason I upgraded it as I said was due to needing a bit more hitting power in long distance engagements.  Also with the stock gearbox I was getting pre-engagement with the 11.1v lipo I have.


I'll update the thread after this Saturday's game.


If you guys have any further questions let me know!



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Update 12 Nov 2014:


After about 10,000 rounds I decided to take a look at the inside of the gearbox.  Found the spur gear had a few teeth missing.  Not really a surprise as the gun was shooting at 40 rps at 380 fps w/ .25's or so.




Also at about 20,000 rounds the TM EG3000 motor wore out the motor brushes.  So I decided to throw in a SHS Hi-Torque I had laying around.  I also put in a 455mm Madbull 6.03 Tightbore.  With all of the upgrades it is sitting at 400 fps w/ .25's at 35 or so RPS.  Range is great and I can easily get kills out to about 220 feet if not more.  


Accuracy is ok but I will probably need to replace the stock TM bucking since the gun is shooting pretty damn hard.  Probably a Lonex 70 degree or similar.  But with 35 RPS anything in my cross hairs gets hit :D


Decided to replace basically everything. Had most of the parts left over from one of my other projects.




So far this is my one of my favorite AEG's I have owned.  I had owned probably 35-40 different AEG's over the years and this one is one o the easiest to work on, satisfying to use and just plain works.  I don't think it will ever get sold at this point.


Also here is a video from a recent night game we had.  Not the best video due to how dark it was that night... but you can see and hear some decent engagements.




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More recent footage with the current AUG build.  Just added a Prometheus Flat Nub to the Lonex Bucking I have (shaved the mound and "line" on the bucking) and am having great results. 


I love this gun :D


Only issue I have had is the stock internal trigger contact "box" melted due to high temps from 11.1v lipo and continus semi-auto fire.


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