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Hello from England!


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Hi,I've been playing 4 around 6 years now, but havnt played for a few months due to a fracture. Im into doing "project gun" mods, and what brings me here is urgent need for technical expertise; learning about the internals, upgrades etc. I usually play with my ics m4 CAR 15 frankengun, but recently I got a dboys aks74u. So far ive stripped and polished the flashider, bolt carrier, and upper receiver down to bare metal, re-stained the handguard ebony and applied a thick varnish shell. I might use the pistol sling and get some tanker mags for it. For a bit of decor, im waiting on some enamel badges:1 KGB badge, and 1 hammer and sickle, these ill emboss onto the receiver. I understand the dboys have poor internals based on stuff ive been reading, and theres a lot of wobble so what i want to do is really sort the internals out, for reliability, accuracy etc.

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From England?

Who'd have thought a .co.uk website wasn't an English site eh? Where in England are you based?

Have a look through here:


and it's subforum here:


For some tasty treats.

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Lol, actually I prefer talking gun with Americans; the Brit forums tend to be way uptight about UKARA and the VCR act (if you have no ukara membership youre only allowed to play with a neon coloured gun).


I also buy all my parts from Asia and the States as the market is so vast over there.

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