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Amoeba High Grade Mid-Caps:Torture Test

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photo.jpg Torture Test: Amoeba High Grade Mid-Caps


We sought out to break these new Amoeba mags. We play hard thus we need equipment that can handle the abuse we dish out. Upon seeing these new Amoeba mags displayed at a ZShot booth. We were skeptical that we could find anything more robust then PMAG's. So we decided to take the chance and buy some from our local store Red Tactical Solutions to test them out. The first time we used them was crawling through the mud at Airsoft Fulda Gap 2014. Dumping continuous rounds through the mags with lots of mud to contend with. These mags held up better then a few of my coveted PMAG's did. So after words still not convinced they would be the next best thing for our team, to bring to our next Mil Sim event. We decided to use our local stores location to torture the mags to the max. 


But before we did that we decided to see how many guns that take a a standard M4 mag would accept the Amoeba mags. 



Guns Tested:


Custom VFC Magpul (Prowin Hopup)

Amoeba Sugar Weasle

Combat Machine


Magpul Masada


Custom Sig 556


Ares Tavor 21 (Dual Sector Gear, Burst Mode)

Polar Star G&P Magpul and VTOR body with G&G Hopup 

Polar Star Magpul PDR-C



Passed!!!! We could not find a gun that would not accept these mags. Even my picky PDR-C seamed to just love the Amoeba mags. 


Torture Test:


Dropped the mag 99 Times and it survived, 

It was thrown at a wall afterwards and feed fine,

then in despair it was driven over with three Vehicles.....

and still feed fine. 






Secret and Conclusion:

These mags have built in quick pull tabs. They fold to get out of the way and click into place so you can DROP THEM ON THE GROUND, with out worrying about breaking them. Yes those tabs become a special little bumper to allow you to drop them countless times with out worrying about damaging them. Also they are way too useful for quick mag changes.


Team Danger Zone 100% supports these mags as reliable durable mags. Go to your local store and get some! Also the price point for these mags are unbelievable! 




See Full Review Bellow:


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