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Sale and return advice


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Alright folks after a bit of advise.


I recently sold a rif on another forum and have now had the recipient inform me that the item is damaged, I know it was perfectly undamaged when it was posted and have pictures to support that, and the buyer is a trusted member so I don't think it was knowingly damaged by them after receipt.


The problem is that I'm in the process of filling a claim with royal (it was posted special delivery so is insured) but the claim requires me to provide proof of its value (ie an original receipt) which is something I don't have bar a paypal transaction statement.


- Can I use that as a proof of payment ?

- Will royal fail even cover a rif ?

- In the terms and condition it states I have to return the item to them but in the email i received after submitting the online claim form its asking for photographic proof of the damage, does anyone know exactly what I need to do ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Royal Mail are *Ubarflock*.


They will want the item, and the original packaging to process a claim. No one keeps said packaging, so Royal Mail will then tell you to *fruitcage* off.


I know this first hand after a little *wheelbarrow* did that *suitcase* to me on here.


Best bet is paypal, and document all correspondence with the buyer.


Good luck :)


Edit, paypal were very helpful in the matter. I was the seller and they were great. That may not always be the case, but I may be the one person who has never had an issue with them!


Once again, good luck :)


Edit 2, I'm now mad as *fruitcage* thinking about this. I hope the spring goes through the back of the bolt in the VSR I sold and blinds the sod who bought mine for a brilliant price. Grrr.


Really hope you get this sorted bud!

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Doesn't look like its going to get sorted. I've been told by the buyer that the packaging has been binned...


I been sent pics of the box, but the more I look at it the more I cant get my head around how it would be damaged where it is. The box has a dent on the corner like it was dropped but the polystyrene looks intact and the whole thing was wrapped in bubble wrap.


Here's what I've been sent relating to the damage:





Not really sure what the hell I'm going to do now, it looks purely cosmetic but I'll never be able to source a replacement frame.

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