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Proper cleaning of polycarbonate goggles?

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I noticed in my last skirmish that I never properly clean my goggles after a game day. I rub the inside of the lenses with anti-fog solution (big bottle for car windscreen) during the day with a glasses cleaning cloth, and if the outside gets a smudge on it I use the same cloth turned inside out with the solution on it which seems to work as a spot clean only.


What would be the best stuff to clean the lenses properly at home? Ideally I want to remove all the grime, dust and old anti-fog film from both sides of the lens (I can remove the lens completely).


Is 99% isopropyl alcohol safe to use on the polycarbonate lenses? This is what I use to clean my barrels. As far as I'm aware none of my lenses have any special factory coating such as platinum anti-fog.



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