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UK Clubs List

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In light of what Ed Skar brought up list yout UK based club and any you know of!


I personally shoot a HTRPC adfiliated with the UKPSA. They run practical shotgun days twice a month. Right next door is a cay range and skeet range.


Membership starts at £80 a year, no range fees and cheap but decent ammo. 5 Visits as a probationary member and you are considered for full membership which is "good reason" for an FAC application.


Any 3 shot and above 12g are allowed. I should be a full member in the new year :) Bring on a 9+1 870 :D


Theres also Maidstone Pistol club they shoot PSG, .22 and Mini Rifle but a bit much, they take alot of the fun out of shooting.


Then theres JJs Clays and Hawley Clays in Dartford.


Theres also Four Islands from what ive seen its a little harder to join them.


Once you have an FAC you can join the NRA which gives access to Bisley where almost anything UK legal is shot.


On my phone my spelling will suck

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I shoot at Bedford Pistol & Rifle association



Great club - we cater for all types of shooting, from airpistol / rifle all the way up to full-bore rifle (we have regular club visits to Bisley although we now have planning permission to build our own full-bore range). We hold regular summer and winter competitions too for lots of different disciplines.

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Not too far, 2ish hour drive. Looks like an interesting range! May have to come down for a shoot once my FAC is in order and have a rifle :)


more than welcome mate, we shoot mainly on Wednesdays and Fridays, with Monday nights being used alternatively for practical shooting / Heritage / training for new members. Sessions start at 7pm but can fill up quick so best to get there early as possible.

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