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Volante-airsoft Merlin Blow Back Unit (BBU) review.

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It works well for me, I cut down the routers that came with the merlin. It took awhile but work well after a few *fruitcage* ups. The routers provided are needed for optimum performance as the hole that lets the gas threw is a different shape to the standard marui type routers the merlin's nozzle has a different shape hole to the stock marui routers so the merlins nozzle will only line up perfectly with the special routers provided.

I'm using a nova 1911 with mine and high flow valves, the routers only need to be cut if your 1911 has tight tolerances, it's designed for steel slides and co2 and most steel stock guns available have looser tolerances. Plus it takes a while for the merlin to bed in, give it 200 bbs or so and it works much better.

What set up are you using?

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This is my review and thoughts of the Merlin BBU that Volante airsoft released http://www.volanteairsoft.com/?product=merlin-blow-back-unit   To be honest I’ve read a few things about that engine,

I recommend you to take out BBU and lub its side rails and front cap.   All Merlin BBU is shipped after lubrication and working test but as you mentions 'friction' of nozzle, it can be problem of lu

Good review, just bought one to see for my self. Been using aip bbu on all my builds found it to have a tighter air seal with guarder loading nozzles then any other brand of bbu in combination with an

The stock TM routers work the best for me, Merlin routers give less kick.  The shape of the hole isn't really important, it's that it sits further forward by ~2mm.  Make sure when you screw it in from the back the nozzle isn't pushed forward, and if you're using a protection pad, try without it.  

Also, try shooting the gun without the mag release, holding the mag at different heights each time to see if it improves anything.  

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Got low routers today thanks to the creator of this wonderful product. Works so well it a dream.

I think it will work with nova sai kits. I have one in a nova lapd. 1911 bbu are better in nova kits from my experience because the rear sight screw has a place to sit. The meu bbu has a hole in that spot.

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Changed my hop to a new unbroken TM replacement and fired a few shots. Sadly it was still sluggish.

Noticed my mag lips were cracked so swapped it for some shooters design ones. Needed a tiny bit of molding edges removed and the gas router fit very snugly.


Now it kicks much better on green gas.


Nozzle works like a charm and seats very tight in the hop chamber. Will extend fully and even give a feel able amount of resistance when slowly cocking the gun.


Final judgement, yes it works with older AirsoftSurgeon slide and frame kits and with the included higher gas routers.

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Yes fellas the NOVA SAI kit requires the MEU BBU.
You can mod the Hi capa bbu but modding a $120 BBU is risky! At least for me!
The Merlin will fit in the  Airsoft Masterpiece SAI slide kits... ! I have those kits too!



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What exactly is the difference of the MEU BBU vs the 1911/Hi-Capa one? I've built so far I think 5 Hi-Capa/1911 guns and I've not had a MEU at all...I took a stock BBU I have and tried to see the difference to the SAI kit and is it just one of the rear "leg" of the BBU that needed to be cut? Or is it something else?

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