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Review: SureFire M300 MINI SCOUT (ELEMENT)

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The SureFire M300 MINI SCOUT replica from ELEMENT.


Is the smallest one of the SCOUT family from SureFire.

He fits good on smaller platforms like the MP7 , due to its smal dimensions, 


This ELEMENT version is "ful metal" made,  same as the original version !

Very nice finished , and detailed, they even add markings !


The set comes in a rigid plastic bag, with a blister.

In the set the main body with an integrated picatini mount, an endcap with a pressure switch,

an endcap with a remote cable and pressure pad, and a velcro pad for the remote.


You need to place one CR123 battery (not included)

The accu needs to be placed from the front side ! so you need to unscrew the light bulb head !

not from behind !  This may be sounding ridiculous, but at first sight it may be appearing that the

CR123 battery is too  thick.


After that the flashlight produces a 110 Lumens bright beam

both the switches working perfect !


The M300 is available in to tones,  black and DE/Tan

The DE version  -i have- as a greenisch, anodized finish, 

Altough this finisch is very wel done, its not the same as the original TAN version from SureFire 


I can conclude that this M300 replica is a perfect working , rigid , and decent flashlight.

Its more than affordable compared to the real counterpart, ideal for airsoft replica builds 


Myself iam going to use this M300 on my MP7 build

buth i think i am goin to give him a paintjob anyway   


here the pic's






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I have the Night Evolution marked version. The threads on the cap and head were rough and had some metal slivers. They take the same mounts as the real lights, but if you do use the real mounts, use metric hardware. Overall, a decent priced and well performing light.

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EBairsoft didnot have the flashlight with SF marking. if you want to buy with SF marking, you can find it at this shop : http://www.greenbase.hk


I'm not so sure.. looking at the bezel of this torch you can just about see the laser markings.. I think the torch has been turned around to avoid advertising the trade marks which is quite common. This one does seem to have a different tail cap though!



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Threadnomancy but does this have a momentary on function with a light push of the tailcap like the real one? Or is it just on/off?


Want a momentary activated one for my MP7 but would also like decent trades.

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