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Out of curosity is the jack size for this the same as a real PEQ? Interested in one of the surefire dual switches for a Scoutlight and PEQ (the one that clips onto the rail) and it'd be nice if I didn't have to mod it. I know Element do a dual switch as seen in this thread but its not the slim profile one I want (will try and find the model number).

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Probably has a note inside saying "save me".

Wow this looks pretty promising, gna get one to try out for sure as the real one is just impossible to get hold of at my part of the world, will test it out on NV and also test how well it holds zero

This looks very promising indeed!

Ummm. Mine bottoms out way before it gets to where I want it for left / right... /_\ also on a GHK it occasionally turns itself off and I have to re-click the button, weirdly not when I'm shooting it, and it looks like even the the laser is pointing in the wrong place, it holds up okay. Will have to open it up and see if there's anything I could do with the zero issue. 

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These aren't bad, I've opened it up and managed to nudget it around to make it zero to where I want, I'm not convinced that it will hold under strong recoil so I'll probably try to reinforce it a little, but it's easy to disassemble and easy to "understand", for the price and the features (if you care for IR and the fact that it's this model), it's a pretty good choice.

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Cheers. It is a very nicely priced unit and I'd rather a LA-5 than an AN PEQ. I'm not too fussed about the IR laser as there's some concern it could cause some damage to eyes as there's no blink reflex.


However the flashlight would definitely be swapped to an IR LED for when I do sort out NV. I assume night vision will pick up the visible laser no problem?


Really hope it stands up to recoil though as I'm even looking at losing my AEGs and moving to TM recoils and GBB.

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From what I remember they're a Korean company producing some harder to find parts. They did a replica of the glass breaker for 416 suppressors and the "correct" Devgru sling plate for the 416.


What's annoying is I can't seem to find their actual site address on my phone.

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For what it's worth, the clamp mechanism of mine has snapped off, the metal parts, instead of being one solid casted piece, is actually glued together, I managed to break it by turning it hard on the rail, by hand... lol I'm sure I can glue it back on / maybe even drill some small holes to secure it by threading and screwing, but... man. 

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PART TWO of the review , for the INSIGHT LA-5 from Element


De real INSIGHT LA-5C UHP is de Ultra High Power, version of this ATPIAL, he has more powerfull lasers, and IR illuminator

The external differences are just a question of details.





So recently Element , upgraded theire older LA-5/PEQ  to the LA-5C UHP version.

Unfortunately the differences are just external details so far ( i wil illustrate bellow)


Ik say "so far" because according to some inside information , that Element is finaly working on a Green laser version, and als o a more powerfull LED torch. !


If you want to read the complete review & description,  scroll tot the first page of this topic, because there both identical exept folowing details.




Here a more detailed pic. of the red rubber silicone o-ring for better UV-resistance




The LA-5C still comes in the Tupperware box, complete with manual, stickerset, velcropad, and a remoteswitch.





And thanks to my good contacts  with Element, an upgradekit for my old LA-5



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Meanwhile the Element LA-5 UHP Green Laser version is announced for May 2016  :D 



And the "older" LA-5 UHP versions are now also available at Airsoftpeak (free shipping )



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If only they did them with an IR illuminator instead of a visible one. Already have a Scout light for visible light but would love IR illumination. Unfortunately it doesn't look like an easy swap either as it isn't a standard LED.

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