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King Arms AR15 Parts

Leon Kennedy

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1. PayPal only
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4. Shipping is included.
5. Prices OBO, all sales final.

Got various parts for sale. All come from a painted rifle cleaned with citristrip, and while they're mostly cleaned, they have some paint remaining, so consider all parts "painted".

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1. Madbull RIS II - $90 shipped
Has rear of top rail filed slightly to fit on King Arms receivers.

2. (Sold)

3. King Arms Upper + Lower TROY receiver - $50 shipped
Includes body pins, magazine and bolt release. Pistol grip and buffer tube included for an additional $20.

4. King Arms lower TROY receiver - $30 shipped

5. ACM CTR stock - $25 shipped

6. Parts V2 gearbox - $40 shipped
Mishmash of parts. Worked alright, but hasn't been tested in a while.

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