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Milsim West Presents Road to Rostov

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I went to MSW Road to Rostov over the weekend, here are some choice pics. 



Here is Rota 1-2 and a few other guys



back at our PB, we were in the innermost bit, we had a picketline with fox holes much further out



got greg wong






some of the fortifications



Night raids




not my image, but this was our last big firefight to take Rostov-on-Don


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Just watched a couple of the videos, that game looks awesome and wicked fun but I am intrigued how the blank ammo works? is it just to add to the overall milsim feel (seems like a good enough reason to me lol) or do they have further rules? 

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Yeah, it's great for atmosphere. And hearing loss!  :)

The only thing is some of the NATO guys seemed to be pretty *fruitcage* over-moto about it. Granted we had a lot more blank-fire on the Russian side, so it was an inbalance, but when you point a rifle drop 10 rounds at a guy looking right at you in the open and he doesn't flinch, that's serving the opposite purpose. To then hear that same guy yell, "Calling blank fire hits isn't mandatory, it's a courtesy!" is just super dickish (there are rules, and then there are exploits). So what you're basically saying in that situation is, "I have no courtesy and no honor," right?

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As a NATO guy, out side sucked. I think I was there when I heard that guy say that. I was dissapointed to say the least. Even as a BFA I called getting hit several times cause it was awesome.... the laughs we had playing dead was hilarious especially at our COP when you guys constantly attacked.

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