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WTS Classic Army M4, Marom Dolphin Vest

Josiah Hull

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For Sale:

Classic Army M4 Metal Body

Has a full stock which is perfect for holding an enormous Lipo or a large NiMh battery.  The barrel has been shortened and a custom firepig-esque flash hider was added for extra drama.  

It has a replica EoTech on it that probably works if you want to replace the batteries.  I never bothered with it.

It also comes with 9 plastic Mag Midcaps.

Asking $175 obo


Marom Dolphin Tac Vest TV7704

This is the paramedic vest, it has an awesome amount of storage space and is extremely comfortable.  It can hold 5 M4 mags in the two front pouches and 6 or 7 in each of the larger side pouches for a total of 17-19 mags.  It also can hold 5 grenades and i think 5 pistol mags as well, all on the front in easy reach.  

The back has a removable pouch that I used to hold a hydration pack as well as extra supplies.  If you are a P* user it also works well to hold air tanks.  I used this vest with multiple classics and never had a problem with the air hose getting caught on anything when run from the back pack.





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