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review: ELEMENT dot sight's

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I Want to show these ELEMENT dot sigth's


Al these three replica's, are made out of metal , with a lot of attention for the original design !

This is also there biggest advantage.


The controls feels "solid" not to loose not ot  tight !   All the sights are adjustable

The ACOG, and COMP M4  could be set either in RED, or GREEN-dot modus,  in variable strength.

unfortunately the COMP M3 as only a red-dot  

the dot is bright enough to be seen in daylight. and the the lenses are clear.


All these sight's come in a rigid cardboard box with a lens cleaning cloth, and manual, 

batteries are already installed in the sight's !


This are simple, basic, but decent, and AFFORDABLE  dot sight's witch are

useful for a correct build.

They have no markings, witch is still better dan "wrong" markings , in my opinion. :)



First of all de Trijicon TAO1NSN 4X32 ACOG replica, witch besides is part of the BLOCK I SOPMOD accessorykit  

Beware; this replica has NO magnifying  factor , and not the typical ACOG reticle,  Its just a red-dot sight ,

( ELEMENT has other ACOG models with magnifying, and RMR mini-red-dot sight )

Same as the original scope, the BUIS are integrated in the design !





Then this AimPoint COMP M4 aka de last version of the M68 sight of the U.S.ARMY







And last but not least the AimPoint COMP M3 also part of the BLOCK I SOPMOD accesorykit

Beware this model can only be set in Red-dot modus 







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