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Marushin Constrictor - short review/overview

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Thought I do a short review/ overview of my Marushin Constrictor gas revolver.


I bought this gun at a Norwegian airsoft shop and felt I paid way to much but I didn't find it in stock at any asian shops and it was kinda an impulse buy cause I just wanted something shiny, and shiny it was!  :D 




Taking it out of the box, the first thing you notice is its weight, it's close to 1,2 kg without the shells and it's big, I mean very big. I was surprised at the weight knowing it's from Marushin and probably made of plastic but the internals, hammer, trigger and things that needs to be metal is metal. The middle part where the barrel sits are plastic but the top and bottom part of the barrel are also metal, the cylinder, main body and grips are plastic. 


This is the X-cartridge, 6mm version, the shells are also big and heavy, they are almost another 210g to this gun with all 6 inserted.




It also sports some trademarks, given it's built on the Marushin Colt Anaconda, Colt were cool enough to let this be licensed even tho, from what I can find, isn't a real revolver. It have the horse on the left side and Colt emblem on each side of the grip. It also have the Marushin trades.






Final thoughts:


I have yet to try it, I ran out of green gas the previous day and forgot to order more when getting this. 

Is this skirmishable? I would say no, the size of this makes it more a collectors item, finding a holster for this would be pretty hard to I imagine.  

It is a fantastic fingerprint magnet.

When dry fire it right out of the box, it had some problems rotating the cylinder but works 100% after a while, the double-action had to be used a couple of times, no problems in single-action.

Was it worth the money? I bought is just for my collection and have no plans using it in battle, but just from the badass feeling you get from handling it and the sheer look of it, absolutely.  :) 




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Holy Christ and I thought the Desert eagle was big...I'd say sod reality if I had that sexy beast I'd revel in the uniqueness of it. For sheer uncompromising quality I've yet to find a superior brand than marushin. Hang onto that; could be worth a real mint.


You could probably create a passable anti materiel rifle out that thing.

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I had one of these a while back. Its a fantastic collectors piece and a lot of fun to play with but i found it terrible to use in a skirmish due to the ls2 hop up. Its fine at short distances but i found i couldnt hit a man sized target with it out past 15 meters. Kinda wish i hadnt sold it thoe now seeing yours.

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The newer 6mm versions dont have the horrible LD2 hop. Instead its just a grub screw on small hop patch (pretty much the same type of patch  as KJ mk1 and Tanaka m40 rifles in case you need spares).  Range is pretty good but precision is def. not. I ended up making a new hop less barrel that extended all the way to the end of the outer barrel. I also made it to have a lot tighter tolerance towards the cylinder and fake shells. This helps maximize gas efficiency and fps. One thing I noticed is when using such a tight head-space the barrel crowning toward the chamber has to be pretty deep. Otherwise when firing double action the bb´s will hit the sides of the barrel creating hop effect to the left and right.  

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