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WTS: Emerson Multicam combat shirt and pants New

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For sell is a brand new set of Emerson combat shirt and pants in Multicam, size small. I believe this is a Generation 2 version, but can not say for sure. If you were to purchase this set from a retailer, expect to pay at least $70.00 USD.  

Please note: While I can not make any guarantees on sizing, Emerson seems to run one size off, small = extra small, medium = small, and so on. Someone who wears a size small bdu shirt, could probably wear this shirt with no problems, but the pants would be a stretch. I personally feel that this set would be great for a younger player who wears size small. Please consult the sizing information per Emerson, posted below. All sales final. 
I'm asking $50.00 USD shipped, and I accept payment through Paypal. I ship to United States only.  

Emerson Size Information


Conversions are to the best of my abilities. All sales are final.


Shoulder Width 51cm = 20.07 inches 
Chest Circumference 97cm = 38.18 inches 
Shirt Length 61cm = 24.01 inches 
Sleeve Length 71cm = 27.95
Waist 76cm = 29.92 inches  
Length 102cm = 40.15 inches 
Hips 100cm = 39.37 inches   
Thigh 60cm = 23.62 inches   
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