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Review AimPoint T1 (ELEMENT)

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The AimPoint T1 dotsight.


Here the ELEMENT version,

The sight comes in a decent cardboard box, packed in a plastic bag, togheter with a cleaning cloth, and imbuskey.

De version i have, includes two mount's , a low mount, and raised "Matchbox" style mount .

already mounted to the sight.

(There are also cheaper kits with only the low mount available.)

There also two rigid plastic lenscap's included with the sight.


The ELEMENT is an affordable version here fo example at EHobby

Contrary to other manufacturers is this ELEMENT T1 made with very much attention to the original AimPoint design !

There are no markings , wich is always better than the conspicuous witte marking's of some other manufacturers !

The "controls" are also identic to the original AimPoint T1, what can't be said from al other T1 replica's. ! 

Noy uninportant for those wo whant to made an acurate build !


This ELEMENT T1 is made completely out of metal.

I have the DE version, but of coarse there is also a BLK version available.

I must say this DE finish appears just to be a spraypainted layer, instead of a powdercoated

finish, maybe not an issue for those who want a "weathered" look   :)


At the right side the on/off switch wich turns very rigid, and with noticeable "click's"

According to wich direction you turn, you can project either a red or a green dot in  5 strengt settings

On top/In this switch , the CR1632 3V battery, the compartiment is closed by an alu cap, sealed with an O-ring .


On top, and at the right the windage & elevation adjustment.

same as with the original version, you need to unscrew the caps, and then you see the adjusting screw.

Two small holes in the screw are coresponding  to the pins at the outside of the caps

in this way thec cap's also serves as an adjusting knob.

The adjustment screws turning with a noticeable "click", 

The "caps" besides are sealed with an o-ring when screwed on. 


The mounts ban be changed with 4 screws

The low mount you need to tighten,  with an imbus screw, onto the picatinny rail.

The "Matchbox" is equiped with a QD system, this consist of a turning lever, with a sliding & clicking "lock" system

Bellow the "Matchbox" there's a "recoilbar" wich is a bit oversized in fact  :(

On some picatinny rail's some " Gunsmithing wil be recuired .


De lenses& Dot's

The T1 design makes that you have a relatively small Lens-surface vs length of scope ratio.

It appears that there are less problems with reflections etc from outside

The Red Dot is sharp & bright also on the highest setting.

The green dot besides as some multi dot reflections, on the higher settings, 

ELEMENT is aware of this issue, and is working on it  :)

I tested the visibility of the dot on a sunny day, and even when looking to the sky the dot remains visible  :)



Con's : the TAN / DE finish is possible not so strong, multi dot reflections, of the green dot in the higher settings

pro's: the ELEMENT T1 is a very affordable, very beautyfull, very realistic, and very decent T1 replica


here the pic's, first the complete set


The bottom of the matchbox raiser


frontal with the lenscap


the adjustment screws




left side


on my M4 CQBR


And in combination with my magnifier



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I have this red dot as well and it performs admirably, however it is not an exact replica of the aimpoint t1. The Element T1 is slightly longer in dimension, this might bother those who want 1:1 replicas.

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Does it work well wit that magnifier? I have the same. I don't suppose you could post a picture of how it looks through the magnifier ^_^

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